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  1. Andraste

    Wealthy Crypt

    Hey all, Took this shot out in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL a while back. Just found it recently again lol, and decided to post it. I'm not sure if I like the angle, just thought I'd put it up out of curiosity's sake. I can't remember the name on this family stone, or monument I...
  2. Andraste

    Pet Cemetery

    lol .. Ramones Nice shots, Chiller ^^ And I noticed the same thing. There's a pet cemetery (almost spelled it Sematary.. must have Stephen King on the mind lol) in Springfield, IL.. about a 3 ish hour drive away from me, that's very well kept and pretty impressive to see. It's up on a nice...
  3. Andraste


    Hey Chiller ^^ Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it (^: It's a beautiful statue, makes a good subject. Graceland Cemetery is great for that, it has a lot of unique stones, etc. out there. (btw - love your avy, lol! :lol:)
  4. Andraste


    Hey all, Took this pic out in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL. I've posted a pic of this statue before, just a new angle on it. Her eyes just look a little too life-like to me lol. Especially if you look at them for too long O.o - Quite a statue to see in real life, that's for sure lol...
  5. Andraste

    The Watcher in the Woods.

    lol Okay, let's not get in a fight over this now. Relax on the language, if you don't like the pic, fine. But that was a little unnecessary. Personally I think it's a creative idea. Kinda captures the 'nightmare' look/feel you mentioned. The 'thing' in the woods could be anything, lets you use...
  6. Andraste

    Misty Morning

    Hey all, Took this pic at around 11 in the morning in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Morris, IL. It was a rainy day and the misty morning/foggy look lasted for a good portion of the day until the sun came out at around 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. Thanks for lookin ^^ - And Happy Thanksgiving! :wink:
  7. Andraste

    Autumn Sunset

    lol Hey all, Thanks for the critique ^^ - without it, we'd never get any better. I did mention that I know that's not a perfect picture. Thinking back on it now maybe I should've posted it in the snapshots rather than the 'Good Photos' forum lol. But either way, I do realize a lot's wrong...
  8. Andraste

    Autumn Sunset

    Hey all, Took this pic out in the country, lol. It's a little blurry, I'll admit - I don't have a tripod, so I do the best I can with certain subjects lol. I think the sunsets in the Fall and Winter are a lot more beautiful than during any other time of the year. Maybe it's just that...
  9. Andraste

    Storm (9 Pics)

    Hey all, These aren't award winning shots or anything lol but I managed to get some wild pics of the storms that came through my area yesterday and the day before. I personally didn't get hit too bad, and even in the worst places, it never got to be nasty like the weather channels were all...
  10. Andraste


    Hey all, Got some freetime lately and managed to make it down to Springfield. I stopped by Camp Butler National Cemetery while I was there. It's been a few years since I was there last lol, so it was neat to wander through it again. There was a lot I'd forgotten about. Took this shot of one of...
  11. Andraste

    Great Signs

    Here're a few for the gallery ^^ : ^_^ Got a few more where that came from lol. I get these signs in email all the time (^:
  12. Andraste

    Graceland Cemetery - Comments Please

    Hm. Yeah it's definitely a convo starter lol. I guess it all depends on your views. On one side, though, photography IS meant to provoke emotion. And if anything'll do it, this is it. (^: And this is probably an obvious question lol, considering your username but, is this Graceland Cemetery...
  13. Andraste


    Hey noescape, Thanks for the comment! lol - And Yeah I know.. it IS a -liiitttle- off center lol ^^ But hey, lean to the left and it looks fine lol! Too bad I couldn't put the camera IN the wall eh? ;) lol Just kiddin around, thanks for stoppin by, I appreciate it! ^^
  14. Andraste


    Hey all, Went out to Resurrection Cemetery today for the first time in quite a while. I took a few shots around the grounds and in the mausoleum. Here's one from indoors: The walls of the mausoleum, of course, are marble, and if you've got an eye for it, you can catch some neat...
  15. Andraste

    Deviant Art

    Hey all, Just started up a Deviant Art page for myself today and posted a few of my amateur shots. It's not much, but it's a start (^: Feel free to stop by anytime :) :thumbup:
  16. Andraste

    Sunset View From The Front Porch

    lol The clouds almost look like cotton candy towards the top of the picture ^^ Good shot. :)
  17. Andraste

    Death at the Airfield

    Oh, if only you could tell him to come back and land that plane right away lol. That's a real shame. My sympathies are with him and his family. RIP
  18. Andraste

    A Few More Flower Shots

    Hey all ^^, Thanks for stoppin by, and thanks for the opinions ^_^ And LaFoto, I really don't like the sepia either lol. Honestly, I thought I saved Over the original color shots, and that's why I posted the altered ones. I was just curious as to what others would say lol. But I didn't like...
  19. Andraste

    Country Sunset

    Hey all, Stopped along the road and took a few shots of the sunset on my way home from work. C&C welcome (^: This last one's just a shapshot. I thought the way the jet streams crossed was ironic, as it was in the sky over a cemetery (^: Thanks for lookin (^:
  20. Andraste

    A Few More Flower Shots

    Hey all, Been out taking more flower/nature shots than usual lol. Nothin special, C&C welcome ^^ Thanks for stoppin by ^^