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    Flower in B&W

    I like how this photo turned out, but would like some other critiques on it other than my own Hope you like it :D this was done on 120 Tri-X 320 no post processing was done except for adjusting the contrast and levels
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    Red Eye

    I was wondering if their was anything i could to to reduce the amount of red eye in some pictures that i have taken. I used a bracket mount flash with a diffuser over the flash head and had it more than six inches away (measured from the center of the lens). I was using a zoom lens 28-105mm...
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    Photographing a Party

    Hi, I have recently been commisioned to photograph a retirement party for some people. They said they would like me to take pictures of the event for a scrapbook and give it to the retiree. The types of pictures i would be taking would be people talking and giveing speeches, table shots and...
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    Storing Long Term Chemicals

    Hi ive been reading on the storage lives of chemicals and found that they would last the longest if they are stored full in a container so that they wouldnt oxidize. Ive been using some of the blatters you would find in box wine (as you use them they still remain full because they dont let air...
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    Sticking Apature Cure?

    I have a mamyia sekor lens, 55mm 2.8 that has what looks like an oily residue on the apature blades. When I stop down the lens the blades go into place i beleive on time with the shutter but when they are released they get stuck and dont want to come back to wide open really quickly. I've tried...
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    Professional Photography

    I was wondering how everyone became a "professional photographer." What would you recomend in doing to become one? What type of classes would you take? Would you recomend in working under someone to gain experience first? Im looking into becoming a portrait photographer (maybe do something...
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    More Nature B&W

    Here are some more B&W shots 1) 2) These were taken with a Yashica TL Electro, 50mm lens, on T-Max 100 Comments welcome :D
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    T-Max film vs Tri-X films

    I have recently used up my 100' roll of T-max 400. I would like to know your opinion if i should buy another roll of T-max or try some Tri X 400. Is there a difference in grain quality? (Ive done some work with both but havent noticed a great deal in difference) Ive done developing of...
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    Portrait Camera

    Does anyone know what kind of cameras school yearbook and others use? They take alot of pictures, the picture of the student, and also take a picture of a notecard filled out with information that is inserted into the camera. Do you know how much they cost, where i can get one, what format...
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    Nature Shots (Reminder of Summer)

    Here's some more pics 1) This was taken with a Yashica TL Electro ITS on T-Max 100, 50mm lens 2) This was also taken with a Yashica TL Electro ITS T-Max 400, 50mm lens I would like to point out the difference in contrast between 100 and 400 speed film Comments please...
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    Pictures at a Dance

    Hi everyone I an planning on doing some pictures of couples at my high school x-mas ball. I was planning to have some kind of background and take their pictures. I am going to shoot them on Med Format on 120 or 220 kodak 400 VC I have a mamiya 645 pro and was planning to use a 80mm lens ( i...
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    Railroad Tracks

    Hi I've just started uploading some pics to the web Hope you like the picture :D Comments are welcome Railroad Tracks
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    Toning Paper

    Hi does anyone have any experience toning paper? I would like to start toning papers but i dont know which toner works best with types of papers. I am curently using kodak polycontrast III rc and polymax II rc my fixer is kodafix. I am looking at using Edwals toner for their different colors of...