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    hey ! This year for school I have to make 12 landscape photo's to make a calendar. I have really little experience in this area. I need to work on this for the whole year as we have to try and recreate the year ( seasons) in the photo's. I really mostly do studio photography, but lately...
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    Nikon + Lenses

    hi there I'm rather confused after going to a store the other day to look for a lens. I'm going to buy the D80 end this year and I would like to have a couple of lenses to go with it. at the moment I have a standard Kit 18-55 AF. Not bad to use for a standard lens. (edit to say I have a D40x...
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    Zoutelanden, Netherlands

    Landscape is NOT my forte! so on a trip to the sea crammed my gear together and got myself some practice. pleas CC, it would be great to see how to be able to improve! Thanks for looking!!
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    Nicolai 13 months

    Thought I would share these cute pictures of my son with you all :heart:
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    Cousin & boyfriend

    Lovely dovely out in the open air. no extra light not even an external flitser, only the sun. I know there not perfect, but if there are any tips on how to use the sunlight better please :hail: I don't own any studio lights yet so I depend on the sunlight loads...
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    First time model "shoot"

    Hey I'm new to the board, I thought I would put out some of my work. I'm no where near the pro like some on here but I hope to get there one day. these pictures where taken in a makeshift studio. with 2 soft-boxes. It was a school project, Pictures on music. This shoot was called 'Overdose'...
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    Hello from a sunny belgium!

    Hi my name is barbara. I'm a student photographer about to enter my 2nd year of a 3 year course. I have been looking for a forum to get information and help and I like the looks of TPF :thumbup: I'm :hail: that I can get some help with my studies as the first year teacher and me did...