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    Theft of my image it's not strictly speaking the theft since I still have it. It's the unauthorised use of it. I noticed on Saturday that a website in the UK has one of my images on their front page. After some digging, I found it's also on their Facebook gallery and was added in mid July 2010...
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    Downloading from a Canon 5D

    Hi all. I've managed to completely forget how to download the RAW images from my 5D. I used to use a card reader but it's since died and I wasn't too concerned - I thought I'd just connect the camera up and drag and drop. When I connect the camera to the pc I can see all the smaller res...
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    Should I buy the Canon 100-400 L F4.5-5.6?

    I'm heading to NYC soon and will be paying a visit to B&H. I'm undecided whether to buy the 100-400mm lens for my 5D or should i buy the Canon 2x TC (I believe the TC is L quality) and hook it up with my 70-200mm f2.8 L. I know the TC will slow my lens down but will it slow it to a point...
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    What's in your loft

    Thought I'd better check out my loft in case i can find any old models up there. Especially after this!!! :shock::shock::shock::shock:
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    Brazen Photo theft

    Wasn't sure of the thread to post this but i suppose this is as good as any!! How about this for a brazen theft of photographs!!! I'm at work and not permitted to view flickr's website so i haven't checked the photographer's page - i will do at home. Wonder how often it's happened and...
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    Michael Jackson's Thriller...........

    with a difference Classic!!! and here's another variation....very clever!! :lol:
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    Michael Jackson's Thriller...........

    with a difference Classic!!! :lol:
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    Chatting up at the supermarket.

    i was in the supermarket the other day, standing in the queue to pay for my stuff and i noticed the girl in front had single servings of everything. eg 1 pint of milk. 1 can of beans. 1 loaf of bread. 1 packet of biscuits etc. I was a bit bored (hence checking out her shopping) and decided to...
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    Song murder

    If you like Elton John and/or William Shatner then don't watch this. But it's classic......and amazing that he thinks he's cool :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    New member of the family

    My new niece, Samantha. She's 3 weeks old and already a great model!! All comments and critiques welcomed
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    Baby foot

    Took some shots of my new niece - she's only 3 weeks old and already an excellent model! C&C welcome. thanks EDIT - the image seems to have lost some sharpness but the original is pin sharp and looks great. ReEDIT - uploaded the image to my own site to see if it's sharper - looks like it is :)
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    Took this image ages ago using my Canon Digital Rebel. I'll get more with my 5D next time i capture one of these!!! I didn't notice the cropped wing when shooting which is annoying but it's still a decent shot. Here's the EXIF data Exposure 8 secs aperture f22 focal length 93mm ISO 100 No...
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    New lens on the way!

    I just ordered a Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 lens for my Canon 5D. I missed the 10-22mm focal range i used to have with the EF-S lens and my 20D so I've decided another lens is required. Hope it's as good as i think it is and i'm looking forward to posting some (hopefully) good images! :thumbup:
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    high f number or low iso?

    I've just read on another thread that most lenses are sharpest around their middle range of apertures eg f8 or f11. I agree that this is the case. My 2 L lenses both have a constant aperture of f2.8 and i use them at that end quite a lot. But in order to get the sharpest image from my lenses...
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    search results as a favourite

    Most times when i visit the forum i search for my username to check the threads i've posted in and find out if anyone has added comments after mine. The other night i used the search facility and got the results and added that page to my favourites. But when i clicked that favourite tonight...
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    Images submitted to the forum

    I was thinking of entering the competition but i know one of the rules is that any entries must never have been submitted or uploaded before. How can i check what I've uploaded? Would it be possible to have something in a users control panel that records their uploaded images? If not, how...
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    Before i go to far i have to say that I wasn't copying Lars Leber's image or his idea. I took this ages ago and entered it for a competition on another now defunkt forum where the category was "9" Lars' image inspired me to upload mine i used an 8 second exposure to get 9 instances of...
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    1 pixel camera....not 1 mega pixel

    Anyone fancy one of these?? reading it sort of encourages me to use RAW more!! 80-90% is ditched?? didn't think it was that much!!!
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    Increased minimum ISO

    I've recently returned from a trip to NY for a family wedding and took around 900 shots in 8days. I'm a bit disappointed in some of them though. It's not the camera - it's me!! Check the image on the front of my website to see an image when the camera is set on a marble handrail in Grand...