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    motion shots

    To get the sense of motion in your pictures you could try and sync the flash at a slower shutter speed to get some blur and have the flash "freeze" some of the action on stage.
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    What's in the bag?

    Canon A1 28-105mm lens f/4.5-5.6 Sunpak 611 2 sets of batteries+ flash bracket Yashica TL Electro ITS 50mm f/1.4 Lots and lots of film :D
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    D70 or 10d

    I think that canon has nikon beat in the digital world Canon seems to be ontop of new technology, while nikon is lagging behind I would would like to buy the 10D when the price goes down or i save up some more money my vote is for the 10D (more professional then the D70)
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    white tire

    the contrast seems very low and the tire (which i presume is the center of the picture is out of focus) The picture in my opioion seems dead (it needs some kind of punch)
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    Making B&W photos out of color films

    I know kodak makes b&w paper specifically designed for color negatives (i dont know what it is called though)
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    I dont know what you were going for on this one exactly the whole picture seems very sad and depressing I would also like to see the picture more in focus, on my monitor it seems soft
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    Flower in B&W

    Thank you all for your comments I beleive with this picture when i took it was more towards capturing the detail in the petals rather than the flower. I will try some of your suggestions After looking at a couple of prints i made online and some 8x10 i decided to blow it up to an...
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    Flower in B&W

    Ill try and fix the DOF problem, thanks for your comments, i knew it was lacking something but i couldnt figure out what. thanks again for your help :D
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    Flower in B&W

    I like how this photo turned out, but would like some other critiques on it other than my own Hope you like it :D this was done on 120 Tri-X 320 no post processing was done except for adjusting the contrast and levels
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    Where's the best place to get wedding photos developed?

    If your taking pictures as a "professional" I would definitely use a professional lab. I had some bad experence with "one hour" services and would not trust them with anything as important as a wedding.
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    Condenser or Diffusion?

    I use a diffusion enlarger. :D
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    Red Eye

    thanks for the info, ill make sure i move closer to the people farther away insead of zooming on them. thanks for all the information :)
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    Red Eye

    Thanks for the information, ill be sure to try some of these ideas. Another question is, would a diffuser on the flash reduce red eye?
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    Red Eye

    I was wondering if their was anything i could to to reduce the amount of red eye in some pictures that i have taken. I used a bracket mount flash with a diffuser over the flash head and had it more than six inches away (measured from the center of the lens). I was using a zoom lens 28-105mm...
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    Photographing a Party

    Thanks for the great advice and information. I hope that everything goes well for me Thanks again :D
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    Photographing a Party

    Hi, I have recently been commisioned to photograph a retirement party for some people. They said they would like me to take pictures of the event for a scrapbook and give it to the retiree. The types of pictures i would be taking would be people talking and giveing speeches, table shots and...
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    Developer 1:1 Dilution Question

    Yes 1:1 dilution would be to take your normal developer and right before you develop your film dilute it with an equal amout of water and use the adjusted time
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    imported film, lower price, issues?

    It's exactly the same stuff you would by USA, i havent had any problem with imported film (ive only bought b&w film imported) The only difference ive heard of is the price
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    Storing Long Term Chemicals

    Hi ive been reading on the storage lives of chemicals and found that they would last the longest if they are stored full in a container so that they wouldnt oxidize. Ive been using some of the blatters you would find in box wine (as you use them they still remain full because they dont let air...
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    T-Max film vs Tri-X films

    Thanks for the info ive gotten the 100' roll of Tri-X and and going to try and see what it is like. I've tried the prewetting of the film before developing and noticed a vast improvement in the purple/red stain on the tri-x and the t-max. Now there is only a slight tint to the film, so im happy...