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    Cats and a Snake

    ... Not together. 1 "Blue Eyes" 2 "Catty" 3 "Miss Green Eyes" 4 "Captivated" 5 "Pyro, the Little Dragon" Thanks for looking.
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    Bird of Paradise and Others

    1 "Paradise" 2 "Red." 3 "Sea Side View" 4 "Blue Skies" Thanks for looking.
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    Yellowstone Pictures

    I believe I posed these a while back, but since then have gotten Paint Shop Pro and have increased the quality a bit, so I thought I'd repost them. 1 "Wyoming Snowscape" 2 "Montana" 3 "Mister Magpie" 4 "The Elk and the Magpie" 5 "Buffalo" Thanks for looking.
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    A few animal/zoo shots...

    From the Santa Barbara Zoo, taken at various times. 1 "Color Palette" 2 "Tawny Frogmouth" 3 "A Lazy Thrusday" 4 "Feeding Time" Thanks for looking.
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    Oakland Zoo & Some Others

    I went to the Oakland Zoo a little over a week ago. I was busy most of the day entertaining and being entertained by my baby cousins. Here are a few shots I did get, mainly of the adorable baby giraffe. 1 2 3 4 5 6 The jaguar at Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose. Not the best picture, I...
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    "Beauty" - Boa constrictor imperator

    Here is a picture of one of my boas. Hope you like it :) Comments and critique welcome.
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    A Few Closeup Shots (Paintshopped)

    I've been away for a little while due to a very long moving process along with some other events. But I'm back with my first shots using Corel Paint Shop X. It came with a free trial on my new CPU. I have a LOT to learn, but I liked these frames and thought I'd get some feed back. Any help or...
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    Some Kitty Shots (10 pics)

    Pictures from work the other day... 1 "Sam" 2 Same shot in black and white... 3 4 5 "Rumi" 6 "Chou Chou" 7 Yes, her eyes are that blue ;) 8 9 "Savannah" 10 And one just for laughs... Thanks for looking. Comments and critique welcome :)
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    Shoreline Park; Santa Barbara, CA

    Turns out, I slept threw my alarm today and ended up missing class :( But, I salvaged the day by going to a park we have here up on a hill over the ocean. I got a few shots. These are a couple of my favorites. Thanks for taking a look. The first 4 are of a little guy that just stole my heart...
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    Self Portrait and Closeup

    Here are a few shots from a couple days ago. They were quick shots, and I know they can be improved upon, but I was wondering what you all thought of them as is. Note: Please keep in mind that when resizing the pictures, they became kind of pixillized (sp?). They look more fluid in larger...
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    Boa Headshots

    A few headshots of one of my boa constrictors, Kenzy. She's nearly a year old now. I wish they were a little more crisp, but its grey out today, and through the window it's hard to get the right lighting. Comments/critique welcome :) 1 2
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    My Reptilian Buddies

    Colombian Boa Constrictors - Monty: Nature's Beauty: Paecee, some tail action: Johnny, Brazillian Rainbow Boa Little Conan. He has since then passed :( Thanks for takin' a look. I'm currently in an apartment that I can't take them outside for better shots, but I will be soon. I'm...
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    Zoo, Beach, and Mission Photos

    A little taste of Santa Barbara, CA... The Mission: A native skink in the Botanic Gardens: Some zoo friends: And the harbor at sunset: Thank you for looking! Feedback welcome.
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    My Little Cousins

    Portraits are among my favorites to shoot, but I rarely get the oppertunity due to lack of willing subjects. Here are a few of my little cousins, Annika (4) and Lars (2). One of my favorite pictures I've taken: And a couple of Lars, far from perfect I know. The first he wasn't actually...
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    Yellowstone in Winter

    Yellowstone Nat. Park - April 2006 Just outside the park in Montana: Thanks for looking :)
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    New to the Forum - Some Pictures

    Hello Everyone. I'll probably be posting a couple threads here in the next few minutes. I'm not sure how to go about posting different subject matters, so I'll just kind of put them where I think best fits them. If they're in the wrong place, someone let me know ;) Anyhoo, to start off, my name...