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    Self Portraits

    Autumned Smile by =BloodPromiser on deviantART Cover it Up by =BloodPromiser on deviantART Ice by =BloodPromiser on deviantART Past Progressive by =BloodPromiser on deviantART
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    Three Photos

    Precieuses by =BloodPromiser on deviantART I See You by =BloodPromiser on deviantART Run Towards Change by =BloodPromiser on deviantART
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    Tendency by =BloodPromiser on deviantART Click the link to see it larger.
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    I Almost Thought You Were
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    Sushi Click the image to see it larger. It wasn't exactly what I was aiming for, but I decided to share it anyway. I would have kept trying, but my back was killing me while I was taking a shot, so I decided to just take a break. Hope you enjoy...
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    Run Along
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    Click the link to see it larger.
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    Into the World

    Click the link to see it larger.
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    Toys Click the link for a larger view.
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    Deja Vu
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    My Nightmare has Grown Limbs (Graphic Content)
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    My Nightmare has a Pulse

    I have a fear of going blind. I think sight one of the most precious gifts of life, and it's natural to sometimes not even realize it and maybe even take it for granted. As a photographer, I use visual images to get my point across, to show you what I want to show you. After all, a photo is...
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    And Far Away

    No gore, no depressing tones, and the sky is actually blue. =D
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    You Can't See My Nightmares
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    Help! I need prints!

    Okay, so here's the thing. I need a site where I could order photos with frames and ship the photos directly to the customer, but have the bill come to me. Any help, please?