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    Which Brand Lens is Best for Manual Focus?

    Hmmm! Thankyou, gentlemen (and ladies if there were any). Although the list isn't any shorter than before I asked my questions, you've answered my questions. I think I'll have search in-store, and determine some more specific questions. When that happens, I'll be back! Thanks again!
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    Which Brand Lens is Best for Manual Focus?

    Your advice is very helpful. It seems my next step is to find a body that accepts lenses allowing for on-demand autofocus (without flipping a switch). My next question is: Are there any dSLR bodies that allow users to select which viewfinder zone to focus on? I.e.: are there any dSLRs that...
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    Looking for a photo printer

    I visited my local Best Buy electronic big box retailer over the weekend, and have some minor updates to make: 1) HP now use individual ink tanks, and they are no longer sealed. This is slightly cheaper in the long run (replace only the colour you need), and lets the ink stay still while only...
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    Looking for a photo printer

    I worked as an HP sales rep, (and an Epson rep before that) and I've seen a lot of photo comparisons. Mind you it's been over two years since I did this, but I hope this helps: a) There are really no bad printers out there. Still, I'd avoid Lexmarks. Their quality several years ago was...
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    Which Brand Lens is Best for Manual Focus?

    Wow! That's a big help, guys! Thanks! I was intrigued by the Katz Eye system. In my financial situation, it'll hafta wait. That's money I could spend on a lens. I'll keep that instant-MF-override feature in mind when selecting lenses and bodies. I'd never heard of it, so thanks! You're right...
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    Which Brand Lens is Best for Manual Focus?

    Hmmm...OK, in that case: what dSLR uses a split-circle (or similar) manual focusing system?
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    Jessops vs HP photo paper

    I worked as a sales rep for HP and found Canon paper in an HP printer (as well as HP paper in a Canon printer) looked the best. The Staples and Best Buy brands were lousy, as mentioned. Henry's reps would razz me all the time because Epson claimed photos on their papers lasted longer than...
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    inexpensive lighting setup?

    I think technically, your shots are good; it's probably time to start thinking about artistry. Have you considered using focus, lighting and depth of field to focus on one cookie, for example? Instead of using the portrait mode, I would simply crank the aperature as wide as possible, move in...
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    Background for still life

    I think it depends on what your goals are, especially the mood you're trying to convey. Also, it depends on the scale. If your still life is human scale, you may want a photo backdrop because they don't have seams. I've used aluminium foil taped together to photograph kitchen gadgets. You...
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    Which Brand Lens is Best for Manual Focus?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm wondering which brand of lens is best suited for manual focusing. I NEED a focus-assist gadget found in the middle of the viewfinder of older lenses. (E.g.: two halves that match when the image is focused). The lenses coming with newer dSLRs don't have these. 1)...
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    Bonjour mon ami, how are you my friend?

    Hello everyone, and greetings from the Great White North (also known as Canada). When I was 13, my parents forced me to take violin lessons, so while I was supposed to be practicing, I was actually reading some photo books and mags my dad had lying around. I discovered photography when, at 15...