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    Camera Modes

    dont be lazy and keep your camera on M
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    How do I achieve shots like these?

    he would of used sunpak 555's or something similar, and pocket wizards. try for advise on extreme sports photography
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    I've Bought a Lowepro Stealth 650, Good or Bad Choice?

    its a good bag for walking around, lowepro is are a good company and make quality products, but for weddings you will need more gear than you can fit in it
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    photographers depicting themselves...

    i think martin parr did a book on selfportraits, i think its called autoportrait. im not sure though.
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    My Very First Post! Wohoo!

    its what mac users see instead of the red x
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    out of date film (1988)

    it is 64. im going to shoot 1 film tomorow and send it off and see what happens
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    out of date film (1988)

    so i was given some out of date kodachrome slide film, 4 36 exp packs all with processing included, dated 1988. they have been stored in the freezer, only taken out to be transfered to my freezer. so my question is will they still be usable being 18 years out of date or should i just stick with...
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    Nikon vs Cannon

    canon haha
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    applying as an assistant

    thanks azuth "I assume you're also taking along a CV and that you're listing the photography skills and concepts you understand?" this is what i am getting ready before i start ringing around. i have had a few images published, would it be to my advantage to include them in the portfolio or take...
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    applying as an assistant

    thanks allot for the advice, do you think a portfolio would help when going for an assisting job then?
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    applying as an assistant

    So at the moment i am wanting to start assisting in a studio or assisting a photographer. I have replied to many job adverts i have seen about but i have not had any emails back. I want to try and start emailing photographers about assisting but i dont know how to ask. If anyone has done this in...
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    yes, expose for the backdrop (sky) make sure theres nothing that will light up the front of the person (car headlights, street lights etc....)
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    Infringing on Copyright Laws?

    You should invoice them, by giving them the photo for free, or for "photo credit" (which dosnt do anything) you are taking buisness away from other photographers who make a living taking pictures.
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    Football Pictures

    I think you need to be shooting for someone, and if you are they will arange it for you, im not too sure though. your best bet is to ask on the forum at as there the experts
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    Infringing on Copyright Laws?

    send the mag an invoice, if they dont pay up then you talk to the lawyer
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    Canon 70-200mm F4 L USM :: Should I buy?

    It will seem amazing when you first get it but later on down the line you will regret not getting the 2.8, not too put a downer on the lens or anything.
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    advice for digital reflex caeras

    it would rinse the battery aswell
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    advice for digital reflex caeras

    All digital reflex cameras (or digital SLR) show the picture on the lcd screen after you have taken the picture, not before. you have to look through the veiwfinder to compose the picture. As for cameras, in the canon eos series they range from eos 350d (£500ish) to eos 1Dmk11 (£2500ish)
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    Slide Film on regular camera

    i found some Velvia + processing in the bargin box in some camera shop in devon for £1 the other day :)
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    Jan '06 Photo Challenge - "Bridges"

    london and amsterdam, my 2 faveroute places :) i need to make a trip back to amsterdam soon