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  1. gsxturbo

    Lighting for a large white background.

    Hello, I'm going to be doing a very large group in the next few months and I want to make sure I have the right lighting. The back wall will have 10' high by 20' long seamless paper and the floor will have 20' long by 20" deep of seamless white paper. I have 2 white lightning 1800's I'll...
  2. gsxturbo

    Stick with White Lightning or try something different?

    I have a bunch of X1600's that are about 10 years old, I need to buy 4 or 6 more of them and was wondering if I should stick with White Lightning or if I should try another brand? Every couple years one of them will need to be rebuilt which normally costs $55 or so, but with all the new...
  3. gsxturbo

    First Time using the D3S in an Arena

    I rented the D3S for the weekend for an arena Lacrosse game. I'm going full frame soon and I have read a bunch of great reviews on this camera so I figured I'd go with this one since I've read it does awesome with sports events. Being that it's inside and crappy lighting can anyone suggest...
  4. gsxturbo

    WTT: Nikon D7000 Body for Full Frame

    I'm looking to go full frame and I have a D7000 I'd like to trade plus some cash. I'm looking at the D3s or D800e, pretty open to offers. The 7000 has strap, box, manual, under 3500 pictures. Or if you just have one of those you want to sell let me know.
  5. gsxturbo

    Resetting D7000 Picture Count

    I have the D7000 and was wondering if there a way that when a memory card is formatted that the next photo starts back at 1? The reason being after doing 1345 shots at a shoot it would be nice to start back at 1 at the next one instead of 1346 for recording purposes.
  6. gsxturbo

    Indoor Lacrosse Shoot

    Tomorrow, I'm going to a lacrosse game to play around with indoor sports. I've read a bunch of posts already but 80% or more have been people without adequate cameras/glass. I have a D7000 Nikon 24-70 2.8 Nikon 70-200 2.8 Nikon 35mm 1.8 So my questions are these... 1. Is it even worth...
  7. gsxturbo

    Achieving correct portrait placement for no cropping later

    I have a D7000 and I'm going to be taking 600+ Portraits in a few weeks for a sports team. All the photos are going to be 5x7, my question is is there a way to adjust the camera so that it knows I'm just going to be using 5x7s? For example if I just take a photo and I have someones head almost...
  8. gsxturbo

    Wanted: Nikon 24-70 2.8

    Looking for one of these guys, shoot me a message if you want to unload one.
  9. gsxturbo

    Small Room Lighting Question

    My friend owns a Lacrosse league and he asked me to take a picture of each person for their online profile, the shot will be mid chest up. I'll do a small white background area but my question is should I just use my SB-700 with the Gary Fong Diffuser or should I setup a couple white lightening...
  10. gsxturbo

    Halo/Shadowing Issue

    My wife wanted me to snap a few photos of her with her Bills Jersey tonight. I bought the 7000 a few days ago and in a few of these photos I see some shadows/halo effect that don't seem naturally there from the lighting, these ones they are down off her legs. Any idea what it maybe?
  11. gsxturbo

    Zoomable portrait lens

    I have a 35mm 1.8 lens that came with my D7000 camera but it's not going to work with what I need. I do a lot of dance and karate portraits in a studio and I need something super sharp with a nice zoom. Nothing too crazy. What's a good recommendation?
  12. gsxturbo

    D7000 pricing question

    I have an opportunity to purchase a D7000 with 20k actuations, the mb-d11 grip, two batteries, the 18-105 vr, 50mm 1.8 af-s, 85mm manual focus. My question what is a used setup like this one worth and is 20k actuations too much? The camera and all accessories look new with no signs of wear.
  13. gsxturbo

    Upgrading from the D90, Recomendations appreciated.

    I have a D90 that I've been using for a couple years (if you are interested send me a message it is for sale) and I'm starting to get into studio photography. Mostly dance, karate, some family portraits, I also do some outdoor stuff and concerts. With that being said I really only have the...
  14. gsxturbo

    Nikon 70-300 VR

  15. gsxturbo

    HELP! This guy is GLOWING!!

    Hey Guys, I'm relatively new to photography and recently I've had a lot of "Glowing" people. My good friend used my camera this weekend and shot in Auto mode and had the same problem. Would love some help on how to prevent it and is there anything I can do to fix a few shots in Photoshop...
  16. gsxturbo

    Advise for Camera off Ebay.

    So I'm pretty new to the SLR scene. I've been looking for a Nikon D90 and on ebay you can get $200 off for using the cash back and then an addl $100 off by using a 10% off coupon. My question is, has anyone had any luck with any of the sellers on ebay. Most of them have really good...