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  1. hot shot

    IR with a 350d

  2. hot shot

    advice please

  3. hot shot

    oppions please

  4. hot shot

    wedding photography 101

  5. hot shot

    Canon EF50 1.8 II any good?

  6. hot shot

    New camera at last

    Ive taken the plunge at got the 1D MKIIN at last should get it tommrow I carnt weight :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  7. hot shot

    image datebase

    Hey is there any programs that will database my images for easy retrival and location my images are gettin lost at the moment Any help or advice?? :thumbup:
  8. hot shot

    Canon EF50 1.8 II any good?

    been looking at the canon ef50 1.6 II is it any good?? would it be worth getting Cheers
  9. hot shot

    sponsership oppertunity

    right people i have been offered a sponsership oppertunity. How would i go about making a proposal. also any one been offered sponsership befor Cheers
  10. hot shot

    IR gallery

    as it says realy what about a gallery for IR work. Just a thought
  11. hot shot

    displaying work

    Hello people I think this is the right place to post this. If not mods please move Ive been asked to submit some art to a exhibition in amsterdam Just not totaly sure how i should display my work I have 3m of wall space to do with...
  12. hot shot

    5D help

    Hey guys Looking at getting the canon 5D. would if you could help me out. Right i currently have the 350D. I would mainly want it for sports would it be suitable. The bloke in jessops said that i would have to use L lenses is this true. Cheers :thumbup:
  13. hot shot

    8mm F3.5 DG EX Fish eye

    hi has anyone got a image taken with a sigma 8mm F3.5 DG EX Fish eye with a digital camera (non full format) Cheers Dom
  14. hot shot

    first self portrait in a while

    hey guys my first self portrait in nearly two years :???:. had no intention of taking it just walked out the house with my camera and tripod what do ya think was taken with a 350d with a 28-80mm lense set in manual iso 400 and a 4 second exposure
  15. hot shot

    wedding photography 101

    right guys have just come off the phone to a friend and some how ive been roped into doing the photography for his wedding, Ive never done this befor so what do i need to know and what kit would you advise. Cheers
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    urgent help needed asap

    have a guy who wants to buy one or two jpeg files what do i charge ???? Thanks
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    sale help

    hi Have been asked by a website how much it would cost to buy some of my pictures from a recent event i have no idea how much to charge, what do you think i should charge Thanks
  18. hot shot

    shakey pics

    just a few of the 465 from sunday oppions welcome 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 hope you enjoy
  19. hot shot

    which one to choose

    which one do you think is the best, was thinking of of doin a animated gif but carnt work it out 1 2 3 4 feel free to edit them just post the results ;)
  20. hot shot

    photoshop raw help

    Hey guys i have a canon 350d and when i go to open raw files in photoshop it comers up as a error the files are saved as cr2 files. any ideas?? cheers