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    Facebook Ads????

    Hello all, Im sure this has come up before - just wanted general thoughts on whether anyone here uses facebook advertising??? We been advertising on FB for about 2 months, hasnt generated anything so far - just wanted to know what others thought?? Whether you advertise your business yourself or...
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    Advice on editing wedding images

    Hello all, this is my first post (beside my introduction post in the "introduction section") and it regards the editing of wedding images, for more specifically, the editing of images for wedding albums. I wanted to get some others opinions regarding how images should be edited but i thought...
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    Hello all!

    Ladies & gents, just thought I would introduce myself! Im Adam, im 26, and I live in Devon, England. I love photography - Ive been shooting now for just over 2 and half years and Im fortunate enough to run a studio and take photographs for a living. Thats about it from me - looking forward to...