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    out of date film (1988)

    so i was given some out of date kodachrome slide film, 4 36 exp packs all with processing included, dated 1988. they have been stored in the freezer, only taken out to be transfered to my freezer. so my question is will they still be usable being 18 years out of date or should i just stick with...
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    applying as an assistant

    So at the moment i am wanting to start assisting in a studio or assisting a photographer. I have replied to many job adverts i have seen about but i have not had any emails back. I want to try and start emailing photographers about assisting but i dont know how to ask. If anyone has done this in...
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    tower bridge

    i must of been sitting in the road for about half an hour trying to get a shot without rain on the lens, i tried everything but the rain was comming at me soo fast i couldnt stop it. this is the best i got
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    applying as an assistant

    So i have recently been looking for a full time assistant job, have applied to many 'studio assistant wanted' adverts but im not getting many responses, a couple of them said there setting up interviews and i have heard nothing since. so im thinking about taking my cv and maybe portfolio etc...
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    first try at portrait

    never realy tried portraits before so this is my first atempt, taken near waterloo in london. thanks in advance for any feedback and advice :)
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    is school realy worth it?

    While taking a break from writing a thousand word essay on 'understanding exposure' I got thinking, is school really worth it? Iv been into photography since I was about 11 and there’s no doubt in my mind that this is what I want to peruse a carer in. so should I carry on with this 'into into...
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    millenium wheel

    millenium wheel in london yesterday
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    a sequence i shot the other day in london. just posting to see what you non rollerbladers think.
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    i wanted to get some critique on this shot from people outside of rollerblading. (the trick is gap over the wall to soul on the bench for anyone thats interested) iso 100 shutter speed: 1/160 one flash from the right hand side will.
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    dpi with 300d

    hi i need to get the highest dpi i can get with a 300d. do i change the dpi in photoshop of is it a setting on the camera? thanks in advance
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    leath hill

    i usually only shoot rollerblading but decided to try something new so i went to leath hill in surrey. here are the results