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  1. dirtnapper

    Gettysburg, PA

    Too funny, we are just down the road form it...we stay at the Eisenhower Hotel Ctr. on Emmitsburg Rd; and that bridge is just on the other side of the Eisnehower farm. Thanks.
  2. dirtnapper

    Gettysburg, PA

    Great photos. I have never visited Gettysburg in the winter, all the other seasons though. The silohuette o Gouvernor Warren from Little Roundtop is awesome. I am not farmiliar with the bridge, where is that?
  3. dirtnapper

    Lowepro Slingshot 200AW For Sale

  4. dirtnapper

    Prudential Building in Pink

    Great photo; I was in town last night. I wanted to take my camera, but a wee bit too cold for me to schelp my camera. The Cambridge side of the river is a great vantage point.
  5. dirtnapper

    Lowepro Slingshot 200AW For Sale

    I have a Lowepro Slingshot 200AW for sale, $50.00 plus FedEx shipping; Email me. Pics here:
  6. dirtnapper

    Odd Sunset

    About 4:45pm (1/14/11) here in the Boston area, this was the most unusual sunset, it was stunning! I wish I had been in a better location...
  7. dirtnapper

    What's the most youve ever paid for...

    Looked at old receipt for a 500 meg Sandisk CF, Ultra, back then 10 yrs. ago, a whopping $265.00! Ouch.
  8. dirtnapper

    Boston Skyline (prudential and hancock)

    Fantastic sunset, we have had a lot of those this summer here in Boston!
  9. dirtnapper

    Bar Harbor Maine

    Lucky enough to go back to Bar Harbor ME for the second time this summer, and, lucky enough to miss that Nor'easter that hit the week of Aug. 23. The view from the hotel over Bar Island at sunrise, and then the sunset from Cadillac Mtn, Arcadia Nat'l Park.
  10. dirtnapper

    Smoke Photography. C&C if you'd like. (:

    Great job; like the inverted ones!
  11. dirtnapper

    Acadia National Park, Maine

    Great photos, heading back up that way this weekend - Bar Harbor.
  12. dirtnapper

    Another nice night

    Thanks everyone. Heading to Bar Harbor, Maine this weekend...hope the weather holds for sunsets off Cadillac Mt.
  13. dirtnapper

    Another nice night

    Right from the camera.... The sky has been awesome here this summer. Here a couple from the time frame when Canada was having those wild fires; we could smell them down here in Boston!
  14. dirtnapper

    Storm Front Sunset

    #3 is a keeper!
  15. dirtnapper

    Another nice night

    We have had some fantastic weather here in the Boston area this summer, sunsets galore. Caught this one on the way home tonight.
  16. dirtnapper

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  17. dirtnapper


    Schwettylens, Congrats on the triplets! Oh, I own an apology here...I really forgot to explain this pic...what was I thinking. This is Abby. This photo is a composite of three images, I was playing around with layers and masks... I forgot to explain this is the results of my attempts. Three...
  18. dirtnapper


    Not! Just took the niece out to the park, although, too hot at 95 to expect too much. Just for fun...
  19. dirtnapper

    Lowepro 100 AW Sling Bag New

    I bought two bags, a 100 and 200 AW...I decided on keeping the 200AW; too late to return to store. New. $50.00 plus Fedex shipping, send zip code so I can give you shipping charge. Info: Perfect for photojournalists, the SlingShot 100 AW uses a unique sling design to go from "carry mode" to...
  20. dirtnapper


    I went to NGA in DC, found this face with mane on a bust and tried a "weave" on it...