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    Seaweed - Zoomed focus not sharp

    Hi All: Just returned from vacay in Maine. Took some pix of seaweed on the shore and was disappointed to see the results on my screen in LR. At normal zoom, all looked ok, but up close in LR I could find no part of the image in sharp focus. (Hopefully the posted image will show this.) I...
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    Moon Shot Night Focus

    Hi all: Below is my first attempt at time lapse moon shot. The experience showed me how much I don't know. Here's the story.....Was at a weekend beach wedding (as guest) and was returning from the bar, was happy, and my thought immediately went to pressing a shutter...the full moon was at...
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    Photoshop Edit: Dark Shading

    Two pix are below, a "before" and an "after". I need some guidance/ideas on how to brighten the right half of the "before" pic. Details: #1 is the original taken 15 years ago and was recently scanned into a JPEG. (The darkness is on the original doubt caused by the lack of a...
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    No Spring yet....C&C pls

    Went out at lunch looking for something/anything. No spring in Chicago yet...very unexciting. These are my first B&W shots. Thanks in advance for your comments. 1. 1/640 at f5.6; ISO=200, 13mm 2. 1/200 at f4.5; ISO 200; 24mm 3. 1/100 at f9.0; ISO 200; 10mm
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    Bike Race --- C&C Pls

    Shots from a regional bike race a two summers ago w my "old" setup: D70s and Sigma 70-300. With 1 & 3, was trying to capture the rider's expressions (eg pain!). Comments please. Thnx! 1. 1/1,600 at f4.2 2. 1/1,000 at f4.2 3. 1/1,600 at f4.5
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    New Photographer for Band Shoot

    All. Two questions: 1) Am I posting this in the right spot? If not, pls direct me accordingly. 2) My brother has been playing live music as a hobby for many decades. He's joined a new band with their first gig next month. He's planning to use a p&s for pix (made me shiver). I thought a...
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    C&C - Dark Snow

    First post for C&C. Pls be (mostly) gentle. Taken w 35mm/f1.8 at 1/20; ISO=100; shutter priority; post tweaks: crop and brightness. Trying to get a dark/wintery look. Too much? Taking pix ---> for yrs; Paying attention ---> for wks :lmao: Thnx! 1.
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    Upgrading...Post software is next

    Hi all....first time poster. I've upgraded my camera and lenses over the past 6 post processing software (SW) is next. I welcome your insights. Currently use PSE 5 and was unpleasantly surprised when RAW from my new D7000 wasn't recognized....creating a more urgent need to...