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    a friend of a friend

    This was one of my first few portrait pictures.
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    a few flowers

    I've always wondered how those photos of flowers with black or dark backgrounds were done. Then i came across this site the other day where people were discussing how they did it. So i took my camera and tried it. unfortunately most of my flowers were not in bloom so these are only wat i have...
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    help with lens

    Hi i'm a beginner at photography and i had already bought a canon 350d with the kit lens. Now i'm thinking of buying a new lens since i'm not satisfied with just one. I'm thinking of buying maybe a telephoto or macro but it turns out there are so many different kinds and i'm confused. Maybe some...
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    Street dancing

    There was a small festival in my city and i decided to go and take pictures of the event. out of all of the pics i've taken i only like these.
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    Pretty as Plastic

    wat do u think?
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    My first wedding

    this is my first time taking pics in a wedding and i had no idea wat to do.. i usually take pics using manual setting but this time i just used program.. it was very confusing and hectic and i end up running around high heels (which im not used to) because my relatives all wanted me to take...
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    Hi everyone! im new to photography.. just got started a month ago and already i'm enjoying it so much.. This is the first time i've ever joined a forum and im hoping it will be fun and maybe i can learn new things here.
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    Constructive criticism pls

    Hi its my first post and my first time.. i just got interested in photography a few weeks ago and i would like to know what you think of the pictures i've taken.