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    Armed Siege (my pics tv & papers) (part2 - 56k)

    Part 1 here TFL. Ken.
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    Armed Siege (my pics tv & papers) (part 1 - 56k)

    Got a phone call 8am Sunday13th, informing me that most of the town centre was cordoned off…..and armed police are wandering around. I was the only tog for at least a good couple of hours and to my surprise only one other turned up. Obviously not all these shots are news worthy but...
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    Can you feel the force.

    Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around lately.....just got so much on. Promise to call back soon though! I was asked to show a guy how to go on with landscapes and his new camera, so we had a look up to High Force and surrounding waterfalls. This is just one of a few shots I got, quickly...
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    Margaret (56k)

    Just a few from a 3 hour location shoot with Margaret. I'll post others later if any interest. TFL. Ken.
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    Empty Station

    C&C Welcome. TFL. Ken.
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    C&C Welcome. TFL. Ken.
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    Showing your AEG!

    Managed an hour or so around Tanfield station.....Oldest working railway in the world! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Others to follow.... TFL. Ken.
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    Soft & Gentle in Blue 2 (56k)

    Another set, probably a little more consistent in processing and colour. 1. 2 (crop). 3. 4. 5. TFL. Ken.
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    Soft & Gentle in blue

    Shot these the other day, first time i've been out doing landscapes for a while......
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    Another shot from St. Marys Lighthouse.... TFL. Ken.
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    TFL. Ken.
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    TFL. Ken.
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    Island in the sea

    Single 15 sec exposure shot about 40mins after sunset...exif included in shot. TFL. Ken.
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    St. Marys Lighthouse (sunset & dark)

    Promised myself a trip down to Whitley bay to get a few shots of this lighthouse and arrived to a lovely sunset.... And stayed until after dark..... Got back a couple of hours ago with some canny shots imo but these are the only ones I have quickly processed. I'll post others later if you...
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    First outing of 08 for me, a local waterfall which was flowing quicker than normal due to the melting snow... TFL. Ken.
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    Detached with open views

    TFL. Ken
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    Little Owl

    Shot on a visit to Alnwick Castle in August, only got a couple without distracting backgrounds (people walking past) or kids sticking hands in frame to stroke them So quite pleased with this one. It's took me months to get round to processing from that day and I've got shots of the other birds...
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    Hdr and single bw

    5 shot hdr different comp and processing to my previous "Twisted Tree" shot. And a 1 shot bw....was going to try a hdr pano but after taking the first round of shots I thought it might have been to much hard work in processing.....Or more than I could be bothered to do! As always c&c much...
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    Twisted Tree (again)

    Many will have already seen this place before as I have posted 1 or 2 (:raisedbrow:) shots of this tree over the years...... Promised myself a day out with the camera and took a ride up to my favourite tree :twisted:. I probably should have waited a little longer for the sun to cover all that...
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    Sycamore Gap

    Shot on the night of the Solstice, this was the first day of all the torrential rain the UK received over the following weeks. I went to try and catch a nice sunset but instead got rather wet....... I am sure I have posted others of this place...but just for those that hadn't seen them...