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    WOW! Those shots by nygus are like right out of a National Geographic. Bravo Bravo!
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    need help...Canon Digi Rebel.

    :lol: Actually, that's not an easy thing to do without breaking something! I remember ppl would write in with some errors with the Digital Rebel, usually it was caused by mounting the lens incorrectly or something like that which for some reason had a lasting effect.
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    Evening Barn

    Did you happen to take a photo from the other side with the sun to your back?
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    Grasshopper on a Rose

    ^ fair enough. I still like the photo though. :)
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    June '06 Photo Challenge Theme - "Bugs"

    ^ I think 150kb should be ample for an 800x600 image.
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    Grasshopper on a Rose

    ^ heh, well it's about personal preference :) I think what I meant is to give the photo more "pop" by increasing the saturation, not by adding more colourful stuff.
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    Grasshopper on a Rose

    Great shot! As mentioned early, the FOV is excellent.. but I'd bump up the colours a bit.
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    Help needed with my minolta dynax 404/maxxum 4 + 28-80mm +75-300 +tamron 2x

    As in how their prices, selection and quality compare with their Nikon & Canon counterparts.
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    The poolhall

    Long exposures would be very difficult with a Lensbaby. It would be REALLY cool if the baby had some sort of locking system once you've found what you're looking for.
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    Help needed with my minolta dynax 404/maxxum 4 + 28-80mm +75-300 +tamron 2x

    If you do end up going with the Rebel XT, skip on the 18-55 kit lens... seriously EVERYBODY complains about it. Mike is right though, it's really up to the user (YOU!) how the camera feels. I have small hands, the XT is great for me, just like how the Maxxum 5 was tiny. The controls should be...
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    My first wedding and Uncle Tony (a short story)

    You could try "accidently" bouncing the flash off Uncle Tony's cornea. That should keep him busy for a while. :lol:
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    Help needed with my minolta dynax 404/maxxum 4 + 28-80mm +75-300 +tamron 2x

    My kit originally cost me $699 + taxes, the camera and two lens. You're more than welcome to price it out. You can probably get more than my $200 quote but I dunno.
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    Help needed with my minolta dynax 404/maxxum 4 + 28-80mm +75-300 +tamron 2x

    I hate to say it, but I have a Maxxum 5 with the Minolta 28-80 and 75-300mm lens and I ended up just holding onto it instead of getting what little money I could from selling it on e-Bay... which is probably somewhere around $200. I too was contemplating selling it to raise some dough for the Rebel.
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    How Do They Do That !

    Please forgive my stupidity, but where can you submit photos on Corbis or GettyImages?
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    Minolta Maxxum 5d

    Yeah, I think trying to fill-flash might be a good option to try.
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    Circular Polarizer

    Hi all! For a while now I haven't been overly happy with the lack of colours in my photos using the kit lens for my Rebel XT. Short of spending big bucks on a new lens, I'd like to try a circular polarizer. My question is, will the cheapie CPL's on e-bay do a decent job? Or should I go with...
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    Should i get one?

    oops, forgot about this thread! I'll try to get something up soon. I like it, but I haven't used it enough yet. It's kinda difficult and I need more practice.
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    Leaving Town

    ... just incase you weren't being sarcastic. It's Chicago.
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    My new website

    The photos are terrific! The website is just as Terrific! Great stuff.
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    Fun with a GBH

    Great photos! Grimsby?! Where did you take these photos? I'm originally from St. Catharines.