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    Russia (part 2)

    Okay, heres the second installment of pictures from my trip to russia this winter. Comments/Suggestions?? Thanks Peter
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    Finally got my photos from Russia/Estonia scanned and on the web. Heres part 1: Any coments - good or bad- are welcome. The pictures should link to my site where there is more information on each picture Peter
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    Some more pictures...

    Got some pictures back from being scanned this morning so I thought I'd let you see them. I'll repost them in the critique section later as I have a few things I don't like about them but until then feel free to be as harsh as you like about them - I can take it! Thanks
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    Some shots from yesterday

    Here are some photos from yesterday. It was quite an eventful day really, Car crash in the morning(no injuries but the car was written off) and a shift that went on until 5 this morning. I still managed to get out on a walk though and there was perfect sunlight over the sea. Please tell me...
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    Was looking for things to do this morning so I decided to take a couple of shots of chess pieces. It wasnt my camera and one of the settings seemed to give the pictures a red overtone. Do you think that this ruins the picture(I have tried to edit it out as much as possible). Also, what do...
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    My new photography section.

    I've just finished redesigning the photography section of my website. Please tell me what you think - criticism welcome. Thanks Peter Braden --
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    Australia photos

    I didn't get any comments when I just included the link to my website so for all those people who are to lazy to click on a link .... :wink: for the rest you will have to make 1 click on the link below. :) Please make...
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    New Website, New Photos...

    Just got back from Australia and have put my photos up on my website- Please tell me what you think. Peter
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    I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post in so appologies If i've got it wrong. I'm interested in what people do to protect their images. I've heard of watermarking but im not entirely sure what this involves. Is it the same as adding your name to the bottom of a picture in...
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    Photo Editing

    Hi I a, going to be quite contoversial to provoke a discussion :P . Basically, I think that there should be a distinction between edited photos and photos "as are". The issue really applies more to digital, with photoshop being so accessible it is really easy to "tweak" your images. I have...
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    My Photos

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd post a link to my photos so you could see my stuff. I couldnt put the pictures in this post but you can see them at Please tell me what you think. Thanks Peter