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    i got a new camera

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    woot woot got good news

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    Le Mans Mosport 2oo6

    here are some pics i took i have many many more , about 800, shot in total 3000 that weekend, enjoy, there is very lttle editng involed , just curves, some i played around with but most of the i didnt, comments are always welcome
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    My fav Sun set

    i have taken alot of sun set pics latly and i think this is my fav, enjoy
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    panoramic view of niagara falls

    well my first try at pamoramic pic, commnets are always welcome, there are 5 pics in this image i pretty happy, iam just upset there was a big black wall of rocks, Peter
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    Random of my bady cousin,

    it was his brother b day and he was just playing around and got this pic , i like it just was hard deciding b/w or this i ended up withthis enjoy Peter
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    Park Head falls

    i sent these to the land scape contest but in a mix up didnt end up there, so i would post them here not sure if the second is a old mill but it kinda lookes like it, enjoy, comments are always welcome Peter
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    watermarks,signing, ect your photos

    well my dad asked me why i dont start doing it, he said people can easy start taking credit for my work, i post my pics on a few places, is somthing i should doing, i know some people put it in the middle, i normal resize my pics to 1000 by wat ever, and u will only get a small pic if u try...
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    i think nature had it with us

    ok i swear i did not edit that in there, i can show orignal for proof, :lol: heres another i took today, not really happy but still neat Enjoy ps if u didnt catch it in the first one the clouds look like the middle finger
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    walking the line

    okay , iam pretty happy with this pic, but also not to happy, i wish the bug would of came out sharper and nicer, but iam happy with the overall thing Any critique, criticism and comments are welcome. Peter
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    ok , apples not apature

    can this run on a pc or only macs? looks like a great program Peter
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    Went to take pics, story of a lifetime

    Okay well this is the story , iam sitting on my pc when i noitce out of my eye some lighting:mrgreen: , iam like meh maybe only one, then another, iam look out side, theres a storm coming this way, so i grab my camera gear and boot off to the car and wentto a location i had in mind , i start...
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    bally ghost

    i like it but that dam light and the cars Peter
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    First portiat shoot

    well iam meeting up with a friend tmdw to take some pics, nothing really fancy, but its gonna rain, and she like the rain so we shes gonna get wet, here is a list of what iam gonna bring for me camera along with normal stuff tripod ect , umbrella , coffe, and towel for her iam gonna tell her...
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    Detailing man

    well i was going to a store and there was a classic car show, needed to stop by and took a bunch of pics , this is one of my fav, comments are always welcome, and enjoy peter
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    midnight cry

    well there was a fair amount of PS, this was a 3 pic image, tell me what u think , and yes thats me in the pic peter
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    sigma 10-20

    i had this lens on my d70 for only a second and i fell in love, its super wide, iam surised u doont see ur own shoes, hehe but wow the price iam getting it for is 580.00cnd tax in, but i am tradeing my 28-80...
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    Lilly Pad ,

    just had fun with s-coloring enjoy
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    Burning Sunset

    at first i thought i wouldnt be to happy with this shot, after i uploaded it i had someideas, what do you guys think, its one of my first sunset pics i like Peter