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    Blue Light.

    Two shots from Avoca Beach where I live.
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    Cool chopper.

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    Wedding shots.

    A friend asked me to do his daughter's wedding a couple of weeks's two shots.
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    Dolomite peaks.

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    The Dolomiti.

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    Torn in political contest.

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    On the internet, at the mall.

    I was waiting for Ileana (second from left) and it just struck me as odd, the idea of people sitting on foot stools in the mall, surfing the net....anyway just another random snap from my brief visit home to Oz.
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    An autumn day at the beach, Oz.

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    My Grandkids.

    1 William...known as Wild Bill. 2 Thomas. 3 Emelia....holding Bill.
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    Ileana at the Opera House.

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    Sunday in Rome.

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    Walking the wall, York, UK.

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    The battle for dominant exposure.....

    has it's casualties.
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    Down by the river in Rome.

    Taken on a recent visit, this lady and the message caught my attention.
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    A walk around London town...pt3.

    1 Stand still too long in London and this's an expensive town. 2 You are allowed to stop and think though. 3 Everybody knows this place...there were Pro togs everywhere along this walk, shooting models etc....they all hid when I pointed my Ixus at them. 4 The Tower Bridge yay...
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    A walk around London town...pt2.

    1 Looking back to that big clock. 2 Love these lamposts. 3 Sights along the walk...put money in a tin and they ride. 4 Vituoso on base and a solid drummer....good sounds. 4 Another famous landmark. 5 Another perspective. 6 taking a break. 7 Also me. Last installment to follow.