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    Studio for Rent in DUMBO Brooklyn

    If anyone is looking for a studio space in DUMBO Brooklyn to rent out.. the place I work at is starting to rent on a day to day basis. A half day (4 hours) costs $350 and a full day (8 hours) is $650 its a really nice space, 2500 sq/ft with 14ft ceilings and it is also a storefront so it can...
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    My First Band Portrait Gig

    Thanks for the comments guys. Apologies for the amount of time it's taken me to get back to you. I get really busy at times and can't make it onto the forum. Yeah the missed focus was %100 my fault. I neglected to check focus for each of the guys as we shot. I knew they wanted to get out...
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    My first Photoshop "Diet" Opinions please!

    Where the front of her shirt meets her arm (below her arm) there is a bulge you could straighten out with the clone tool that would subtlety make her appear a lot thinner just take out the part that sticks out to the left and make the shadow fall off in a bit more of a straight vertical line. If...
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    My First Band Portrait Gig

    Let me know how I did. I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly. It all helps!! The Band is called Catalina Shortwave. A hard rock band with a southern rock twang from Connecticut. Very cool guys, with very cool music. We had about Half an Hour to shoot and I did Single Portraits and group...
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    My first wedding... *gulp*

    Sounds like a terrible environment to work in. What's good is that you recognized what caused the issues you faced that you can actually do something about, and that you now have a bad wedding under your belt and the experience that comes with it. Next time you have a bad location or group it...
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    A Portrait of a Man

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    Fine Art Photography

    :cower: I've been doing it so wrong all these years. Ansel would be so disappointed in me!! :cower:
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    Fine Art Photography

    I like this explanation. Sounds like a good definition for Webster's :icon_thumleft: I so totally agree with Mr. Ron Swanson!! Well the social media oriented project is a simple series of images meant to show the world in a peculiar manner that most people don't see it in but is also a...
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    Composite | C&C!

    The Girl looks better and the guy looks worse. The only reason the guy looks worse is that weird dark splotch by his right ear. What you've done around the guys suit is essentially what I'm getting at. If you compare the two (which I'm sure you have) you'll notice with your second try it looks...
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    Composite | C&C!

    That's one way to do it. You can also select just outside them and then feather the selection before you make it. If you still have trouble with how it looks after that you can go in and make the mask with a brush for precision. I do almost all my mask refining with a brush. I don't trust them...
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    Fine Art Photography

    I completely agree with you on every point you made. Maybe I should ditch the term "Fine Art" and find something I like better.. I just don't know what that better term might be.:rolleyes: My Favorite.:586:
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    Street Shots. Direction welcome

    In both 1 and 2 you chose good angles based off of the subjects, but in 1 your background really kills it. 2 is my favorite. It's a very interesting shot. I'm not sure why people think it is underexposed. My monitor shows it perfectly, plus if it were exposed any longer the guys arm would be...
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    Composite | C&C!

    No no. Sorry I explained that in a much more complicated manner than was necessary.. I simply mean you want the selection to be feathered outward from the subject being comped in rather than cut out pixel by pixel. I used a precise explanation because I feel that helps give insight into the...
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    Hey Brittany! Our Usernames Match :P Welcome to the forum!! It's an amazing place and you'll learn a lot from being here!!
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    Fine Art Photography

    I like that Wikipedia definition a lot. Good find!!
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    Fine Art Photography

    Good point. especially with such an ambiguous word as "Fine". Like.. what does that constitute?? When someone says fine they either mean acceptable or extraordinary, In most cases I guess you could say that "Fine Art" should only be an umbrella term for exceptional artwork; however.. that is...
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    Composite | C&C!

    You want a small "halo" of partially transparent neutral or color-matching pixels inbetween the couple and the background in most cases when pasting them on. This can be easily achieved if you shot with a gray background but you can dodge and burn or reapply/erase the translucent pixels to match...
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    Fine Art Photography

    When it comes to photography I love doing it all: Working for big-wig clients who want something very specific done that they are unable to create themselves. Getting a client who is willing to toss me complete creative control. Working with Models and doing consumer level portrait work. It all...
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    Meetup in NYC

    BobandCar Let me know if you end up taking that bus!!!
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    NYC Street Photos in Which Every Stranger is Staring at the Photographer

    That's hilarious. but they are composites :P I really want to do something like this now.. but rather than compositing people in just scream bloody murder so everyone looks at me. Sounds like a fun time. Lmao