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  1. panzershreck

    some fun in photoshop...

    using only google image search for source images "modern loss" "modern rage"
  2. panzershreck

    Hiking trip gone awry

    This past weekend was my fall break and my dad had scheduled a fall hiking trip (which he does every year) on the Appalachian trail. In sections we had hiked about 600 miles (starting in Georgia) up to this point; he planned on hiking for another week and i planned on heading back after we...
  3. panzershreck

    finally moving up in the world...

    from a 500mhz imac to a 2ghz Duo imac with a bigger screen, this is heaven really, since i've only had 500mhz for the past 6 years - virtually impossible to do anything on plus i needed it to finish a video project and get paid so i can eat, but who cares about that man? i can finally play...
  4. panzershreck

    Night Sky

    from the backyard, Fujifilm 1600
  5. panzershreck

    Thai coast

    as seen where the tsunami hit! (finally posting this photo from back in march)
  6. panzershreck

    New set - around the house (21)

    Taken recently, all photos taken on 2 rolls of 35mm Ilford FP4+ 125 film, pushed 3 stops 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8 ) 9) 10) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18 ) 19) 20) 21)
  7. panzershreck

    sunny day casual shoot - which to print big?

    using an old yashicamat and mostly guessing (with a little help from the sunny 16 rule), developed by a nearby lab in Atlanta, just the low-res scans, which should i blow up to at least 16"+ wide print? 1) 2)...
  8. panzershreck

    surrealist night

    unaltered/no post work (except matching brightness/contrast to print due to scanner), thought it was an interesting photo
  9. panzershreck

    3d camera

    anybody know of any good sites for a DIY stereoscopic camera (preferrebly one using 120mm roll film)?
  10. panzershreck

    oh god why??

    ever been so excited to actually have food you just want to eat it all right now? so when you live on campus here you have to have a meal plan (they NEED money, it's like crack for the campus, besides the actual cocaine)... $500 meal plan for a semester... now, it rolls over from fall to spring...
  11. panzershreck

    large format pinhole

    constructing a pinhole camera with 4x5 film, what focal length is it to cover an area like that?
  12. panzershreck

    Sangkhla Buri (20 pics - 56K murderer)

    *note number 2: can a moderator move this post to the Photojournalism board?* EDIT: photos fixed near Sangkhla Buri in the central-west region of Thailand (within miles of Thai-Burma border), over a period of two days in the area (arriving at noon, leaving at noon the next day), there's a...
  13. panzershreck

    when spontaneity goes crazy

    took one of my roommates out to take a few abstract photos for photo class, and while he's sitting there an ice cream truck drives by, and in the heat of the moment i'm like "flick off the truck while i take a picture", so my roommate flicks off the truck and i take a picture, then the guy...
  14. panzershreck

    having fun in Thailand

    i've been here with a documentary filmmaker shooting a documentary for the past week so far - since last thursday, very interesting stuff, some disturbing, other happy... been working 24/7, running to and from locations in Bangkok and Phuket (got to work/talk/live with Tsunami survivors - mostly...
  15. panzershreck

    public darkroom hell

    never had any chemical/developing problems until now, while using the college darkroom (open only to people who have taken photography courses), i've run into so many problems with their chemicals... it's really frustrating when first the fixer dies on you several times in an hour, another time...
  16. panzershreck

    it's the walmart color guessing game!

    had several rolls of Fujifilm Superia 100 speed, and got curious about testing the film's color capacity with a box of 314 colors i had on the same background, then decided to take it to walmart just to see what they would turn out: the most accurate one is the bottom one, rest are off...
  17. panzershreck

    gray's second attempt

    highlights a little overblown compared to the previous attempt, but everything else is much better (first attempt) (second attempt) -f/1.4, 400 ISO, 1/30 second handheld -both scanned from prints with different cheap scanners i'm still just amazed that a very dark 35mm night photo...
  18. panzershreck


    ironically it's mostly black
  19. panzershreck

    first attempt at portraiture

    and also first attempt at printing in the darkroom... only digital editing was rotating the images slightly with a crappy image program that left straight lines jagged... first photo the face was too dark, hence the poor development