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  1. Alex06

    Brown bird

  2. Alex06

    funny butterfly photo

    This was too funny. This lady was trying to comfort her crying child and, despite attempts by helpful onlookers, was completely unaware of the butterfly sitting on her head.:lmao:
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  4. Alex06

    Kitty in window

  5. Alex06

    can you see me probably not

  6. Alex06

    Hey, What's going on?!

    Hmm, I've never had problems posting but now when I click on the yellow image tab it just makes a funny sound!
  7. Alex06

    Little dog

  8. Alex06

    cat nap

  9. Alex06

    Zombie Cat

    She fell asleep on the lap of her zombie owner who was also alseep. For some reason he did not want his face shown.:lol:
  10. Alex06

    Old ship

    Tried to go for an old fashioned look for this old ship.
  11. Alex06

    Kitty in the Sink

    As always, ever so helpful when there's work to be done:lmao:
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  13. Alex06

    Fishing meerkats (silly)

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  15. Alex06

    Resizing in Photobucket?

  16. Alex06

    "L" series on 10D?

  17. Alex06

    Blurry playful otters

    Awww, he's fine!
  18. Alex06

    I'm no Lostphrophet...

    This was about the best I could do with the otters. They were right under the bridge so I had to hang my camera under the edge and hope for the best. Very annoying- my favorite animals and I can never get a good picture of them. :grumpy:
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