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  1. d_the_sandman

    Westside City Boy

    Another addition to my gang photo series.
  2. d_the_sandman

    Driving through New Orleans

    Me and my girlfriend took a road trip to Florida two weeks ago, and on the way back we stopped in New Orleans so I could take a couple pics. I had a couple friends from Ninth Ward, and so I stopped in their neighborhood and took some.
  3. d_the_sandman

    The Right One

  4. d_the_sandman

    (un)necessary Protection

    Inside SouthRidge Projects (now called Bainbridge Villas)- South Austin
  5. d_the_sandman

    Abandoned Mill

  6. d_the_sandman

    Nappy Roots

    It's been a while since I posted here, I know. I'll have a lot more up real soon. Just to start it off..........
  7. d_the_sandman

    You know that look

    Sandman's life lesson of the day: In the right hands, a camera is a natural aphrodesiac. Downtown Austin Thanks for lookin'. Come with the feedback.
  8. d_the_sandman

    Night on the stairs

    Feedback appreciated.
  9. d_the_sandman

    Day in the life of a street kid

    This is one of my good friends, who I've known since childhood. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and he's actually one of my best friend's younger brothers. He was always the tag-a-long, lol. Now, he's all grown up. A gangbanger, himself. A street kid. A high school dropout. Hustling...
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    The Official Sign

    Thanks for lookin'.
  11. d_the_sandman

    (Insert deep metaphor about life here)

    Thanks for lookin'. Feeeeeeeeedback.
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    *shrugs* You're guess is as good as mine.
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    Hell and Heaven..........

    .......was the name of this song. else was I supposed to get ya'll in here? I know the concert pics are gettin' played out, LOL.
  14. d_the_sandman

    Now THIS was a party

    It wasn't long before Fred got ahold of the Wild Turkey............... *shakes head*
  15. d_the_sandman

    Concrete Jungle Trees

    Downtown Austin, of course. Sandman
  16. d_the_sandman

    Katrina Song

    Hey everybody I know it's been a while since I posted anything here...........been kinda busy lately, lol. But here's a recent shot I can share. I was walkin' down 5th street in downtown Austin, and I came across this guy playing Jazz/Zydeco on his trumpet, with an open case for...
  17. d_the_sandman

    Abstract alcoholism

    This is something different than what I usually post here, but I'm still on my first year of this whole photography thing, so you guys are victims of my experimentation, haha. I took this shot at a bar. It's a shot of wine glasses hangin' above the bar counter, reflecting blue and red light...
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    Feedback appreciated.
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    The Austin I know..........

    I was watching the Real World the other day, which this season as a lot of you might know, is set in Austin, Texas............which happens to be my city. If you've watched any episodes, all you see is flowers and beautiful's disgusting, LOL. So, I shot a set around my...