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  1. ScoobyRoo20

    Dallas, TX Meetup, Sat Feb 18.

    HAHA I just read the date on this... This one is from last year.... 2006... But here is the link for this year and I will be going on the 18th. Will be getting there around 11:00am
  2. ScoobyRoo20

    Dallas, TX Meetup, Sat Feb 18.

    We are going to see lighting McQueen on Sunday morning
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    rate the person above you's avatar

    9/10 DOg paw? That's actualy a pic of me that a really great friend took.
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    rate the person above you's avatar

    HAHA I used to watch that cartoon when I was a kid... I for the name of it though 8/10:lmao:
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    Democratic Protesters in Dallas Texas

    It's been another long while since I've posted, so sorry about that. These where taken here in Dallas. President Bush was in town today so I went to go photograph the democratic protesters. 2. 3. 4. You can find more of my shots from today, here.
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    A day in the life of my 4th of July

    Thanks everyone. I shot my fireworks without a tripod. Some are a bit shakey but that's to be expected without a tripod. Yea it rained just as the parade was ending and stopped just in time for the party at 5:00 and then the ground was almost totaly dry for the fireworks. That's Texas for ya...
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    lol no wthat you say that... Yea. Come into the light. But no. Rascal is still alive and well and chewing up everything. He's only 6 months old
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    A day in the life of my 4th of July

    Here are just a few of all of the pics I took. Go here to see the rest... 1. Drew on Cloudy in the parade 2. Scooter Girl 3. A horse running around while the parade rolls by 4. A little girl in the parade 5. Feeding the horses after the parade 6. Back to the...
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    Thanks. =) That is actually mother and daughter. The one on the left in #6 is the mom. Just switch them around in #5.
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    Doing the tourist thing

    Thanks. yea it's too bad I didn't get the whole ship. The only way to do that though was to pay for it. Didn't want to do that. =)
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    Some Black and White stuff

    The plane--It's the Tondelayo. A B-25 I think. Thanks FAV-- I think that was one of the first shots I got with my new Canon Powershot. Yea yea. I use a point a shoot, but it's got a lot of wonderful features. ;)
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    Street scenes

    Typical men... LOL
  13. ScoobyRoo20

    Street scenes

    lol thanks guys.
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    The Alley

    I wasn't really affraid to take his picture. I know the guy. What gave you that idea? I didn't have my tripod with so I used a newspaper dispenser to steady myself.
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    Funny looking creatures

    Thanks ya'll. They are quite funny looking when they get clipped. They look like long necked and long legged teddy bears when they are full of fleece.
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    From the lake

    Thanks y'all
  17. ScoobyRoo20

    From the Train yard

    Thanks ya'll. Much appreciated.
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    Thanks for the comments y'all. If it was easy for me to go back and redo, I would. But it's an expencive trip back to Boston. lol
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    Doing the tourist thing

    Thanks a lot y'all =)
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    Some Black and White stuff

    Good deal. Thank you.