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  1. Triehard

    Trying to catch the sky

    Hope you guys can dig this?? C&C's always welcome off course :alien:
  2. Triehard

    Look into my eyes..look deeeep into my eyes.. the count of 10 you will like this picture,as a matter of fact, you will love this picture and will want to hang it to your wall. 8...9...10 If this didn't work as planned, you can give me your honest comments.:D:D Grtz Triehard
  3. Triehard

    Classic shot...small boat on lake

    Hope you like it.:blushing: Love to hear it:) Camera Model: Canon (Canon PowerShot S5 IS) Lens Focal Length: 6,00 mm (- mm) Shutter Speed: 1/160 sec F-Number: F8,0 ISO: 80 Compensation: EV -2/3 :alien:
  4. Triehard

    A dirty mind is a joy forever

  5. Triehard

    Little blue beetle

    My first bug on the forum here. Pro's en con's always welcome. Oooops having a wee problem here...:) :alien:
  6. Triehard

    Timechallenge...the sequel

    I've got ( sadly enough for you guys) a lot more to show you from the timechallenge Let's start here;) though they start with 2 minutes difference from one another the slower one's sometimes get caught. Tried to watch a bit my framing. Into the bend... Out of the bend. ;) Hope...
  7. Triehard

    Time challenge for bycicles

    This must be one of the hardest disciplines on a bike. These guys really go to the bottom of their powers to get the best time possible. I took this one while sitting on a motorbike next to the cyclist. I wanted to show his expression to you guys/girls. So is it any good...the picture I mean.;)...
  8. Triehard

    The submarine race....

    ...:scratch::scratch::scratch:.:scratch:.:lol: :alien:
  9. Triehard

    King of the pavement..

    Can't choose wich one to post so I do both:mrgreen::mrgreen: Wich one you prefer or are they both basketcases?? :alien:
  10. Triehard

    Raising ain't easy you know...

    Hope you like them. Feedback always welcome.:thumbup::thumbup: It took me one hour of complete standing still to get that last shot and that left me with a very tired rightarm, but i fugured it was worth it.:) Food I need foooooood. where is she staying that long I'm getting impatient...
  11. Triehard

    Le petit bonhomme en mousse...check this out. :alien:
  12. Triehard

    I love my job...

    ...not really.:grumpy::grumpy: Question is do you like this pic or.... not really;):wink: :alien:
  13. Triehard

    Once again in my amazing garden

    The "Bubblegum tree" Our gnomes just love it.:D:D Hope you do to. :alien:
  14. Triehard

    The thief...

    ...caught in the act.:) C&c's are appreciated and very welcome. Camera Model: (NIKON D200) Lens Focal Length: 200,00 mm () Shutter Speed: 1/640 sec F-Number: F2,8 ISO: 100 Compensation: EV 6/6 This exif goes for the two shots. :alien:
  15. Triehard

    The Fanta buzz....

    Sometimes you see something just have to take a picture of.:D Hope you dig it and off course c&c's very welcome as usual. Grtz :alien:
  16. Triehard

    Space..the final frontier,

    to boldly go etc.... This is how I imagine a black hole in space could look like. C&C's off course very welcome. Camera Model: NIKON CORPORATION (NIKON D70) Lens Focal Length: 28,00 mm () Shutter Speed: 2/5 sec F-Number: F13,0 ISO: 200 :alien:
  17. Triehard

    The U.S. army wants you.

    The way he is looking at you made think about the famous poster with Uncle Sam, so I took the pic. Off course everyones opinion is very welcome. :) Camera Model: NIKON CORPORATION (NIKON D200) Lens Focal Length: 200,00 mm () Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec F-Number: F2,8 ISO: 100 Compensation: EV...
  18. Triehard

    Some other kiddypics from Elooi ( as i promised)

    Quiet curious how you will find these (It's the same boy from this thread ) Camera Model: NIKON CORPORATION (NIKON D70) Lens Focal Length: 130,00 mm () Shutter Speed: 1/750 sec F-Number: F2,8 ISO: 200 Compensation: EV 0/6 Camera...
  19. Triehard

    In my amazing garden today...

    A unique creature ...the "Redcamelrobin";) Not perfectly done but's just for the fun of it.:wink::wink: :alien:
  20. Triehard


    Standing on top of a hill somewhere in Ireland, I saw this scene. Never saw anything like it before unless from in a plain. Off course there was no way i'd let this shot slip. As always C&C's are well apreciated.:) Camera Model: NIKON CORPORATION (NIKON D200) Lens Focal Length: 70,00 mm ()...