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  1. NeoMikel

    Cedar Mountain, UT

    I was up camping on Cedar Mountain and brought my camera with me. Here are a couple shots from up there:) I love the sky. 1. 2.
  2. NeoMikel

    Life of a Bee

    hello all, thanks for looking guys. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  3. NeoMikel

    Trip to Zions National Park

    Though I didn't get very good landscape shots... I did get some other interesting creatures, haha. Here's one landscape: Here was a very friendly squirrel: and I saw this guy hiding behind a tree, and I'm very glad I saw him... does anyone know what he is? Part of the wasp family perhaps...
  4. NeoMikel

    Smooth Water and Shutter Speed

    How's it going guys? Well, I've ran into a little problem. I know it's an easy answer, but I just need some help... I was at some waterfalls and stuff, and I know I can leave the shutter open longer for smooth water and blurred effects... but the shutter (obviously) lets in more light as it...
  5. NeoMikel

    Heli in the Sky

    Thanks for looking!
  6. NeoMikel

    Sunrays of St George

    The weather was so pretty last night 1. 2. Thanks for looking!
  7. NeoMikel

    Kamryn, the cutest baby ever!

    Haha, atleast in my opinion;). 1. 2. 3. 4. - I know the flash wasn't the best in this shot... but I love her expression! Thanks for looking!
  8. NeoMikel

    Couple Macro Shots

    Been playing around with my macro. Did a lighting effect on PS with the flower, but that's all. 1. 2.
  9. NeoMikel

    Sunsets in Southern Utah

    FINALLY we have some clouds! hahaha. Actually to be honest, the sky hasn't been too bad around here because of the fires all around us. Well, here are a couple shots I took last night. 1. 2. 3. Thanks for looking all!
  10. NeoMikel

    Nikon D200 Package for $1339

    Hello all... I've been doing my research, and this price seems to be in my range... but the question is.. what's the catch? Everywhere else is more expensive for JUST the body of the camera, and I can get the package here for $1339.. it's a small business branching off of, so it seems...
  11. NeoMikel


    Okay, so I've been teaching myself about camera's using many websites. One thing I don't get is this: (newbie question:() I know all about apertures, f-stops etc etc.... and I get that there's a certain amount of mm and f-stops on a lens.... but I'm wondering if say a lens is f/4-6.4 and...
  12. NeoMikel

    Portrait of myself

    Taken before Banquet at my college in Wyoming. Tell me what you think:)
  13. NeoMikel

    Sunset in Nevada

    The sunsets can be amazing in Nevada. Here's one I did. I changed some of the levels, but not too much. Hope you enjoy! 1. Here's another in the same town on a different night (no editing): 2.
  14. NeoMikel

    Hello all. Some nature shots here

    Well I guess this is my first real thread here, so hello to all. I'm by no means an expert photographer and I've been venturing around different forums to find one where I can get some good tips etc. This one seems to fit what I'm looking for. Well, here are some of my nature photography I've...