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  1. michelejo

    6'6"x9' Silverlake "Oasis" Backdrop - NEW

    Sold, thanks!
  2. michelejo

    Some portrait-style attempts...

    Keep in mind I was more focused on pose/composition than...ahem...other stuff. These are taken with my 20D with the kit lens. The ones with the red outfit were taken with a window camera right (the blinds were down but they are translucent and let a glow through) and all of them have the...
  3. michelejo

    I got it.

    It's sitting here on the table next to me. It's so fast! I took the battery out of my G2 and popped it in and WOW! I cannot believe how quickly it (a) focuses (b) responds and snaps the pic and (c) is ready for another pic! So the evening started out with me setting out to compare and feel the...
  4. michelejo

    Is my new sig OK?

    I just pasted it in from another board and I am not sure if there are length/size/image restrictions here. I looked and I can't find that info (I am sick and have a headache so forgive me if I missed it!). There probably are since no one has big fancy sigs. I won't post with it until I hear if...
  5. michelejo

    Canon 50mm f/1.8 II vs. f/1.4 USM

    Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Canon 50mm f/1.8 II $75 or over $300. Which would you get (this is for portraiture)?
  6. michelejo

    Ready to Buy...but which deal?

    Is the 70-300mm lens here: the same as this one? And if so (or even if not) will I need this...
  7. michelejo

    20D vs. 350D?

    I read this and it kinda helped my decision: Initially, I was going to save $$ with the 350D and have more left over for lenses, etc. Now I am totally switched over to the 20D. Just seems like a better investment...
  8. michelejo


    I need more water, more foliage, etc. but I think the water looks really neat in this one.
  9. michelejo

    I missed.

    I was trying to take a picture of the splash after dh's famous cannonball, but followed him into the water with the camera and ended up with a whole lotta deck--and missed the top of the splash!!! This was our 15th or so try and he was getting tired. He climbed out and said "Didja get it?" and...
  10. michelejo

    Mama, I object!

    Katie, commenting on her Halloween costume: Mama, what is this? Yes, I REALLY don't like this! C'mon, take it OFF already!
  11. michelejo

    Fun with baby pics!

    Background, lighting, etc. are not great in these--I was just trying to focus on pose and expression. I took these with my G2. I'm having issues with the autofocus but it definitely does best in natural light, like in the first pic. Maybe these should be in snapshots--I wasn't sure where to put...
  12. michelejo

    Putting together a portfolio...what equip. should I invest in?

    First off, I know this is open-ended, so thanks in advance! :hail: I'm starting to work on putting together a portfolio to use in the beginnings of my professional career...i.e. to sometime in the future get paying clients based on what's in the portfolio. I have a DSLR purchase planned (now...
  13. michelejo

    RAW format question...for Canon users...

    This is really basic, I know--I just can't wrap my brain around it. I used my G2 to take some pics in RAW rather than JPG the other day. First time. There's no resolution setting in the menu in P mode--but the pics turned out similar to lower than the max resolution (which I've always set...
  14. michelejo

    Hi from Phoenix!

    Hi, I'm Michele--I just joined, so I thought I'd say "hello." I am 32yo, a mother of three, mostly a homemaker for the past 10 years. My lifelong dream (since about age 5) has been to be a professional photographer. Until recently, I haven't had the concentration, time or money to get...