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  1. bethany138

    Critique please.... big changes.

    Ok, SO - I originally created this version of my site using PS and Imageready. But, I decided that the way the slices open is ANNOYING. If you haven't seen an IR site - the whole page opens slowly in little boxes. So - I redid the site in Dreamweaver and I need some critique. Design...
  2. bethany138

    Information Packets for Clients - What do you include?

    :hug:: Hi, Ok - I have been sending out information "packets" to potential brides for a while. I was just wondering what everyone else includes. I need some inspiration for the new season (bookings are starting). Thanks! b
  3. bethany138

    Canon AE-1

    Anyone know anything about this camera? Or want one? lol b
  4. bethany138

    Website totally redone - please comment Thanks!
  5. bethany138

    Reverse Lens Macro - Diamond Ring

    This is my attempt.. lol. I'm fairly happy with it... I guess my diamond just needs to be bigger! That would (my engagement ring)
  6. bethany138

    FS: Sony DSC F717

    Sony DSC F717 on Ebay Please! :hug::
  7. bethany138


    What are yours? Do you include them on your site? Thanks b
  8. bethany138

    HAR HAR! Post number 400! Is that good? lol

    I am special.. cause I think I am. lol. Does anyone know who I am? Prolly not! I bounce around a lot! YAY ME! :lol:
  9. bethany138

    Another Photography Forum (Stay Active Here Too Tho!!)

    Moonshine Forum Thanks! b :hug::
  10. bethany138

    THE 2006 Fireworks Thread - haha

    Ok - Any info on Fireworks photography or any examples to post. Such as - settings, ideas, tricks, etc. :) Please! :hugs: :hug::
  11. bethany138

    Music Photography - Band & Guitar

    1. - Sypher 2. Texas Telocaster (sp?)
  12. bethany138

    Brother's Fire Dance - "Fight fire with fire" haha.

    These are from a recent Order of the Arrow ceremony. (Boy Scouts - Native American Dancing ) This dance was about two brothers fighting to be cheif. 1. 2. 3. And these are my little brother dancing -
  13. bethany138

    Scarlet - Model

    I worked with this model last week. The purpose of the shoot was to train one of my assistants. He did very well! Soo - I am happy. She wanted me to shoot a couple headshots for her while we were there. 1. 2. 3.
  14. bethany138

    URGENT: Night Shots - fire & movement

    Ok, I need some serious help here. Tomorrow night I am shooting a Boy Scout Order of the Arrow ceremony. (Native American costumes, dancing, etc.) The main event is where the O.A. chief (my little bro..yeah!) will row a newly dedicated, hand-carved canoe across the lake....likely with...
  15. bethany138

    Finally got my 5d!

    I have been waiting FOREVER (yes...literally :mrgreen: ) to be able to upgrade from my crappy Sony F717. WELL.. my new 5d arrived yesterday! YEAH! I also purchased a 24-70 2.8 L, 50mm 1.8, 580 EX, batteries, card, etc. I am very happy with my purchase! YEAH! :smileys: Anyway.. here is a...
  16. bethany138

    5d & 50 mm 1.8 auto focus problems

    Hi, Just wanted to check with you guys about the 50 mm 1.8 used on a 5d. I have problems getting it to autofocus. Is this common? I find that there is a "sweet spot" when it comes to distance from the subject where it will actually focus. OR.. I will get the focus I want..then the camera...
  17. bethany138

    I'm first!! Whoo hoo!

    1 I don't know!
  18. bethany138

    Help - prints / vs print credit

    Hi, I have recently changed my pricing structure, I now use print credit in my packages instead of specifying a number of a certain size (i.e. 10 8x10 ). I received the print order from a bride who booked when i was using the 10 8x10 structure. WELL - this bride had available to her 20 8x10...