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  1. Marctwo

    Layer Masks???

    I've just started messing about with masks and I'm not sure I can do what I have in mind. One thing I'd like to do is copy the red channel, for example, edit it and then use it as a mask. I've got no-where near this yet. Is it possible? I'd also like to be able to paint on the mask with...
  2. Marctwo

    'A' List Gallery

    I'd like to put forward the idea of a 'finished work' type of gallery for people to show their A list material. Each thread would contain 1 photo that the photog considers to be a finished work that is wall-worthy rather than "25 pictures I took from the train window". I generally want to...
  3. Marctwo

    Image test

  4. Marctwo

    The Bench

    I don't normally do people stuff - but I quite liked the look of this one.
  5. Marctwo

    Two Sides...

    I thought you might like to see these. :)
  6. Marctwo

    Just Testing

  7. Marctwo

    A Poem What I Wrote

    Some of you may have visited the 'poetry thread'. Well it kind of got me in the mood so I ended up looking through some old stuff. I found this. It's a merry little number that I thought may cheer you up. :Joker: "The Life and Death of a Hero" One long and desperate gaze It's written on...
  8. Marctwo

    Pushing C-41

    Does anyone know how to work out the dev time when pushing C41? I've found a bit written about it but there's a lot of conflicting advice: +1 min per stop? +30 sec per stop? +30% per stop? Also, I've read that to push E6 you just increase the first dev as you would C41. Is this true?
  9. Marctwo

    Family Photo's

    Although this isn't quite the usual critique request, I do think it belongs here - I may be wrong. The problem is, I sometimes find it very difficult to decide whether a picture stands on it's own merrits and holds unrelated third party interest when the family/friend context is taken away...
  10. Marctwo

    So Klicky

    I'm so far removed from the klicks that I even had to start my own thread! :meh:
  11. Marctwo

    Great Blue Heron

    I haven't posted any pic's for a while but I just couldn't resist this one.
  12. Marctwo

    Colour Film Developing

    I've decided to give film a go just to see how I get on with it. I'd like (eventually) to develop my own films and have found a few 'how to..'s on the subject but wandered how people get along with it in practical terms. Is it cheap? Is it a pain in the ar$e? Do the chemicals require...
  13. Marctwo

    Squirrel Silhouette

    These guys just seem to strike a pose whenever they see a camera. :)
  14. Marctwo

    Great Blue Herron?

    First time I've seen one of these. I'm so glad I got a decent shot of it. :)
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  16. Marctwo


    This is obviously a shot gone wrong - but I like it anyway. :)