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  1. MightyLeeMoon


    Very cool shot. Would be interesting to see them layered, actually, with the left one under the right one and the top opacity at something like 80-90%.
  2. MightyLeeMoon

    Honda Hatchback

    I mean, I like the room given at the top...a lot. But it's a little bit too much for me. Maybe because it is so bright up that way, that my eye is constantly pulled away from the car. Please don't take offense. It really is nice work.
  3. MightyLeeMoon

    The Egg

    Almost looks like there was some light coming from below as well. I would be afraid the splash would catch my camera! used a bit of zoom. I agree with the previous poster. This looks like it should be a Windows Wallpaper.
  4. MightyLeeMoon

    Honda Hatchback

    #2 would be my favorite except there is too much going on up above the car for me. But just looking at the bottom portion of that picture is fantastic. I tried taking some shots of my old C230, but was kicked out of the parking garage. How do you guys get away with doing this?
  5. MightyLeeMoon

    Two Stacks

    Those skies look drawn. Very surreal. Is this HDR?
  6. MightyLeeMoon

    That time of year....

    Just bumping for some critical comments. Gracias!
  7. MightyLeeMoon

    Small Things

  8. MightyLeeMoon

    A little bit o' NASCAR

    Oh snap! I hope everyone is okay from that second shot! (Edit: Oh....I got caught up in the shot and didn't read first. Glad to hear he walked away!)
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    Great textures in this one. Gotta love the weathered look!
  10. MightyLeeMoon

    Tornado went over my house C&C please

    How did you take that one? Standing on the road? It almost, somehow, looks like you took it while riding along side it.
  11. MightyLeeMoon

    Tornado went over my house C&C please

    The first one is really good. You should be selling that to the ambulance company! ;-) The other two don't really have a subject for me to latch onto. Although, the damage makes me feel for the people dealing with the aftermath. looks like they are selling the house in that second pic...
  12. MightyLeeMoon

    David & Lisa - Drama

    I like number 3 quite a bit. The high contrast nature of the shot really brings the sense of tension up as well...somehow.
  13. MightyLeeMoon

    That time of year....

    It's probably more of a time constraint thing. With our up coming schedule, I don't know that I'll have another weekend before Christmas where I will have time to do this.'s nice to get it out of the way and be able to enjoy it for a little while. Although, left to my own devices...
  14. MightyLeeMoon

    That time of year....

    Got the tree put up and decided to pull out the tripod and grab a shot....
  15. MightyLeeMoon


    That is an album cover in waiting.
  16. MightyLeeMoon

    My house and wife all done up for halloween...

    Fog machine. ;-) The kids loved it. :-D
  17. MightyLeeMoon

    My house and wife all done up for halloween...

    Thanks gang. :-D My favorite is the first...due to the serendipitous nature of it. The other ones....well....ghosts don’t likely stand about waiting to have a picture they? So the posed ones have a very contrived feel to them. Although....I love her expression in the third...
  18. MightyLeeMoon


    I so want to believe in this sort of thing. It's just that I've never experienced any of it. And I've gone no avail. :(
  19. MightyLeeMoon

    My house and wife all done up for halloween...

    This first one was an accident as she came walking into the shot as I was setting up for some HDR So I went with it.... And then the streetlights came on and gave an butterscotch look...
  20. MightyLeeMoon

    A Senior Portrait.

    Details could be adjusted and mirrored from her other wrist if one wanted to go that way. But...if you don't have the time for it...then that solves that! ;-) Shot is fine, anyway.