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  1. Bryan Pereira

    My Photo Safari Website

    Hi I just won photo of the year 2019 so thought i would share one of my professional websites for you to see more of my work and what I enjoy doing. Hope you like it! Exposure Tours - Photo Safaris and Workshops Bryan
  2. Bryan Pereira

    Elephants in Monochrome

    For me Elephants make the perfect monochrome subject. The texture of their skin the color almost a perfect 18% grey. Cropped this to square to put more emphasis on the the young one. Nikon D850 280mm f4 1/640 iso 2500
  3. Bryan Pereira

    Leopard coming right to me

    Nikon D850, 210mm iso 200 5.6 1/1250 Got close enough to use a shot lens for this one!
  4. Bryan Pereira

    leopard watching me

  5. Bryan Pereira


    My favorite of the africa big cats Nikon D850 200-400f4 at 400mm 1/160th iso 500 f4 Spent around 30 minutes with this one
  6. Bryan Pereira

    Leopard posing

    Nikon d850 500mm f5.6 1/1000 iso 1400 From my feb safari, one of my regular leopards
  7. Bryan Pereira

    Gentle Giants

    The Elephants of Amboseli, Kenya number close to 1,200 and provide a great opportunity for photography. The area doesnt get as much traffic as Kruger or The Serengeti. Due to this they also tend to be calmer which is essential for close more emotional shots. The Mara is another great place I...
  8. Bryan Pereira

    Lion in the mara golden light

    Came across this Lion warming up with the morning sun. 500mm f8 1/320 iso 320
  9. Bryan Pereira

    Martial Eagle with prey

    The biggest of the African Eagles, I came across this one and spent around 20 minutes capturing her. The wart hog was quite a weight for her to take off with 480mm f7.1 iso 160 1/500 Nikon D810
  10. Bryan Pereira

    Cheetah Cubs at play

    I have met the mother of these cubs many times. When I caught up with her in october this was her new litter which i hadnt seen before. They were very accommodating and I spent around 20 minutes capturing the family. If anyone wants to see more shots let me know I have a blog with more shots...
  11. Bryan Pereira

    Leopard with Kill

    Not the greatest shot technically and one where I think my 200-400 f4 would have given me more options (faster shutter with the same iso). But a rare capture on safari. Nikon D810 200-500 at 480 400 iso f6.3 1/400
  12. Bryan Pereira

    I See You - Leopard in Tree

    Normally I only see one or two leopards on safari, this time i was privileged to see 5! this one posed for quite a while and was one of my favourite. D810 200-500mm
  13. Bryan Pereira

    Lion Growl and Snarl

    Taken last month on a photo safari in Kenya D810 and the new 200-500 First time using this lens, I done a blog review of it if anyone is interested
  14. Bryan Pereira

    The Great Migration

    Shot with a 400mm f4 The migration is probably the worst time to go on safari, so i went toward the end of the season, only had one other vehicle around when we came across this scene, so we had a clear view and pick of angles/locations.
  15. Bryan Pereira

    National Wildlife Week!

    Celebrating National Wildlife week in Canada Nikon D810 80-200mm
  16. Bryan Pereira

    Cheetah enters my van

    Shot with a 60mm at f3.2 soon after this cub licked my lens! Mara, Kenya
  17. Bryan Pereira

    Bird spotters Paradise

    According to the Guinness Book of Records Kenya stands above all other countries when it comes to bird watching. It has held the record for the most species sighted in a 24 hr period (342) since 1986! I mostly shoot the big game so these arent great shots just what I came across on safari...
  18. Bryan Pereira

    Wildlife at 20,000 iso - give it a try

    Leopards are amazing to watch when they are looking for prey. I caught this one on the way back to camp around 20 minutes after sunset. I could barely see her without the use of the camera. They are immensely muscular, she moved with her entire body less then an inch from the ground, keeping a...
  19. Bryan Pereira

    Deer, Wolves and Bears!

    A change from my usual african wildlife shots! - A little closer to home 80-200, 200-400
  20. Bryan Pereira

    Twin Cheetah Cubs

    Cute cubs who were having fun. Took lots of shots of them paying with and without mum. 400mm 4.5 around 1/2000