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  1. d_the_sandman

    Westside City Boy

  2. d_the_sandman

    Woman On A Train

    Good shot. I love your work, Tuna.
  3. d_the_sandman

    Driving through New Orleans

    Thanks to everyone who commented on the actual pictures, haha. That's always nice.
  4. d_the_sandman

    Westside City Boy

    Another addition to my gang photo series.
  5. d_the_sandman

    Driving through New Orleans

    I guess I couldn't have expected any less than for this thread to immediately turn to politics. But then's a topic that's so extreme, it kind of HAS to. Especially since the truth hurts. Everybody wants to scream the loudest, so they don't have to hear the truth.
  6. d_the_sandman

    Driving through New Orleans

    Me and my girlfriend took a road trip to Florida two weeks ago, and on the way back we stopped in New Orleans so I could take a couple pics. I had a couple friends from Ninth Ward, and so I stopped in their neighborhood and took some.
  7. d_the_sandman

    The Price of Freedom

    Pretty sobering, no matter how you look at it. Great shot.
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    (un)necessary Protection

    Context...........I'll do my best, lol. Well, I spend most of my photography time shooting gangs and gang members. Mostly from neighborhoods that I hang out in on a regular basis. It's just easiest, LOL. Some people shoot trees and frogs, because that's what's outside their back door. There's...
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    The Right One

  10. d_the_sandman

    (un)necessary Protection

    Inside SouthRidge Projects (now called Bainbridge Villas)- South Austin
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    Abandoned Mill

  12. d_the_sandman

    Nappy Roots

    Thanks for the feedback Yep.
  13. d_the_sandman

    Nappy Roots

    It's been a while since I posted here, I know. I'll have a lot more up real soon. Just to start it off..........
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    You know that look

    Sandman's life lesson of the day: In the right hands, a camera is a natural aphrodesiac. Downtown Austin Thanks for lookin'. Come with the feedback.
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    Memorial park, today

    Wow............these are great. I would've been better to see some variety in the angles you used for the set (2&3) but they are all great.
  16. d_the_sandman

    the tacks at sunset

    The last one is definitely the best.
  17. d_the_sandman

    Night on the stairs

    Feedback appreciated.
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    Day in the life of a street kid

    This is one of my good friends, who I've known since childhood. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and he's actually one of my best friend's younger brothers. He was always the tag-a-long, lol. Now, he's all grown up. A gangbanger, himself. A street kid. A high school dropout. Hustling...
  19. d_the_sandman

    What's next on your life's "To Do" list?

    List? psssshhh. I did everything I wanted to when I was 13. Yeah.........that too.