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  1. captain-spanky


    Howdo y'awl! anyone remember me? I haven't had the chance to log on in sooo long but i'm glad to see quite a few names i still recognise... ;) but holey moley, the post counts are through the roof!! i remember when Artemis was in single figures! Anyway, hopefully i'll be able to stick around...
  2. captain-spanky

    RIP Lord Litchfield

    :( pretty ladies and their fans will miss you.
  3. captain-spanky

    weekend carshow...

    what does anyone think? it was really hard to get any shots of the full cars as they were really packed in tight to the car park... but I'm quite happy with them... :)
  4. captain-spanky

    wooooo... you seen this?

    ;) :lol:
  5. captain-spanky

    SX-70 fans!!!!

    Howdy people! I drew this to go on a tshirt but i was wondering if anyone wanted me to make it into a desktop wallpaper for them? Or if you did want a t-shirt/polo shirt/hooded top with it on, i could do that for you too... t-shirts go for about £15 and the image is heat-pressed on in stretch...
  6. captain-spanky


    Am i right to be feeling worried that something i paid $40 postage for on Friday the 15th still isnt here, 7 days after the person allegedly posted it by air? I paid for something else exactly the same size, on the same day and recieved it last tuesday (3 days after it was posted) and the...
  7. captain-spanky

    suspected suicide bomber shot dead in tube station...

    here we go again... :( :( :( :( :( :(
  8. captain-spanky

    polaroid manip - what am i doing wrong?

    right. I've got me new SX-70... filled it with film and gone out and took a couple of photos... I've taken the advice of a few sites on the net and waited until the image starts to show before i did owt... then gradually start scribing on the picture with a stick... i've tried doing it with...
  9. captain-spanky

    Best looking....

    CAMERA? I'd just like to take a moment to state that i think the Polaroid SX-70 is the best looking camera ever invented. Its beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooootiful. :) What do you guys think? Do you agree or not? Or can you think of one better looking? :D
  10. captain-spanky

    simple question.. not so simple answer it seems

    situation: a photographer visits a car show. said photographer takes an image of a car at the show. photgrapher then starts selling prints of the image. owner of the car, sees the pictures and gets a bee in the bonnet. car owner demands monitary recompense for the 'usage' of the...
  11. captain-spanky


    Penguins get everywhere these days! ;) taken through a load of wire mesh and through the magic of fiddling with the lens the mesh disappears! ;) :D
  12. captain-spanky

    pole a roid crew

    hello! been reading bit here and there about all this polaroiding... the manipulation with sticks and pointy things and the boiling and restickin images and stuff... I'm wanting to give it a go now... :) But where do i start? if i could get hold of a Polaroid SX70 Land camera and get some...
  13. captain-spanky

    sorry if it's been done before... but...

    Alison Power and Austin Powers any connection? :D :D :D :lol:
  14. captain-spanky

    My easter weekend included.... (56k no no)

    wooo a car show/dragracing at York Dragway in Yorkshire. The weather wasn't very good so the turn out wasn't brilliant and the faster cars were too scared to commit properly on the track but was still an ok day out. :)
  15. captain-spanky

    can i just say....

    that every time i log on to this site and the main forum page pops up and in the first section it says: "The Photo Challenge, Sponsored by" as i'm scanning down to the 'post your pics here' section, my mind reads the above as: "The Photo Challenge, Sponsored by...
  16. captain-spanky

    marked for truth...

    did these not so long ago but don't really know what to say about them... maybe the black/white/red one is a bit of an overused effect but i like the sky and maybe the colour version is ok but i kinda want to get rid of that shadow at the bottom... *shrugs* please feel free to add any...
  17. captain-spanky

    GRAB IT!!!

    didn't know whether to chuck it or keep it... decided on the latter... any thoughts on it?
  18. captain-spanky

    just want to congratulate

    JADIN! on a top top thread idea... :D this could be the funnest and most interesting thread yet! :)
  19. captain-spanky

    before.. after... always wondered why...

    before: after: just experimenting with 'aging' but has it worked? Too much? not enough? Have i managed to make the photo much more interesting or was it a boring shot in the first place? any suggestions on impreoving the shot in any aspect? :)
  20. captain-spanky

    money money money

    nothing special... just had to take a pic of some money for a training pack i'm making and was quite proud of this... not one bit of photoshop involved ('cept for the resizing) a little bright perhaps... i think the edge of the bottom 1 euro has vanished cos it was on white card ...but i'm...