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  1. IByte

    (O.o)_m....Where's Everyone Now?

    Just dropping in to say the hello and salutations. It's been a minute and figured I'd see how's everyone is holding up?
  2. IByte really hit me hard

    After watching this for a few times it really hit me hard.
  3. IByte

    Is it worth it??

    Not sure what Nikon was thinking when they made this? I'd rather grab an 85mm 1.4g for this price.
  4. IByte

    Is This **** for Real??!!

    Oo...I really don't have a comment for this. Wedding Photographer Scuffle
  5. IByte

    Ibytes's SUPER FUN HAPPY PICS Thread...C&C!!!

    This is my thread, they are many like it but this one is mine!! I finally made the leap and rented a local studio around my area, and invited a friend to be my gorgeous test subject. A few things I wanted to say before I start critiquing my own work here. I want to thanks to Charlie for the...
  6. IByte

    Thin line between techy and photography!

    Quadcopter collides with groom's head during photo shoot | Crave - CNET Beer literally came out my nose when I read this...enjoy!!
  7. IByte

    Cloudy day in Cali C&C

    Since I was bored(getting pissed of IMO his closed minded) with my co-worker's political views, I took out my camera to practice the exposure triangle. Most were down right garbage, but then I came across this little nugget and decided to share. Nothing world famous, but it kind of reflected...
  8. IByte

    Is there hope??

    With anything I do whether it is for fun or investing my profession, I try to do things the right way. When I slowly got into this hobby mind everyone I have an analytic/technical mindset. The creative portion is pretty much in idle, and I have been trying to grasp the Exposure Triangle before...
  9. IByte

    Who Knew

    Video - Breaking News Videos from When you think you have seen everything, something new always pops up.
  10. IByte

    White Lake C & C

    F/9 ISO:200 21 mm/18-105 mm Exposed for about 3 mins This photo was taken during the summer and figure I put something I hope everyone will enjoy. Comments and critiques are always welcome, no rush enjoy the holidays!!
  11. IByte

    My Stash

    Soooooo since my brain is about fried from all the physics and computer classes I have this semester, just thought I take a break and share a little bit of fun reading for this weekend =8) What is in your stash?
  12. IByte

    Is There Anything Better?...Part 2

    Another reason why bottled beer is better than wine...enjoy 8)
  13. IByte

    Proud Father

    Please welcome our newest addition to the family. Yes, that is the infamous Ibyte in the flesh lol enjoy.
  14. IByte

    So there I was....

    I really think they should make a venting forum. So there I was checking out the eye candy 8), patiently waiting for my new digital photography class to start. When the teacher finally lets us in; I kid you not I just stood there and witness an army of IMacs on top of the desks right before...
  15. IByte

    Archive C&C Thank You

    A friend of mine asked me to take a few photos of some of her pieces of art before the crowd showed up. What I gathered from the personal tour, that these pieces were an expression of bookmaking is dying art. Welcome all critiques, complements, grips, gripes, and complaints, then guide me back...
  16. IByte

    Gary Fong Diffuser, yay or nay?

    Just wants some feedback on a Gary Fong diffuser for indoor photo events weddings, portraiture etc. I looked at some of the big stores reviews, and kind of biased with their reviews, and YouTube is meh, just thought this is the perfect place for a few suggestions thanks.
  17. IByte

    Are boxes that good.

    I recently sold my D5000 $575. And one of my potential buyers insisted that he has the boxes to the lenses and camera or he wanted $100.00 flat out. Of course I said no, so it seems he was a pawn owner and the shutter count 11,060. Ugh can't believe he was such an bleeep bleep. Just thought...
  18. IByte

    Duck Flying C&C Welcome!!

    Since I made some free time today, I decided to try out my new Nikon 70-300mm VR lens. Let me know what you guys think, and welcome more pointers. ISO 320 Focal Length: 280mm 1/320 sec F/9. This picture was taken around a golf course. Since NY is experiencing unseasonable warmth, it felt...
  19. IByte

    Wow it's a big one!

    Holy jumping jelly beans, I finally picked up my 70-300mm lens from Best Buy, and wow it's huge. Reading the manual, unfortunately I wll not be able to use it now, any pointers besides what's on the internets thanks?
  20. IByte

    Pets of the TPF!!

    Just thought I have a little fun and share the love for animals, especially my dog Cody...squirrel!. PS. I don't have an account with Flikr or Photobucket, I could drag and drop, but I didn't to compress and ruin the quality of the photo. Thanks for understanding.