1. G

    Need help finding a vintage prime 1:1 macro lens for DSLR scanning

    Hi, I have a Canon T6 that I'd like to use for DSLR scanning, but I don't know which lens to get. I'd like to start off with a vintage manual lens due to costs. From my understanding, it has to be 1:1 however I'm not exactly sure what else to look for. I'm okay with using mount adapters, and any...
  2. Markw

    Sigma 180mm F/3.5 HSM IF 1:1 Macro for Nikon

    Lens is in almost perfect condition! A small spot of finish loss on the tripod collar, rubbed off by the camera bag. No dust, scratches, or fungus on any of the elements or aperture blades. Comes with both lens caps and Sigma lens bag. Located in Maryland, but am more than happy to ship it...
  3. B

    Looking for macro lens recommendations for ASP-C body

    Hi everyone, I've been getting into close up insect photography for a few years using a diopter on my kit lens and am finally looking into purchasing a true macro lens. Can anyone make any lower cost recommendations of what might be appropriate for my needs. Im using a Canon 500D body which I...