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    Autumn sunrise

    After my teenage son woke me up to drive him somewhere haveng missed the tram (!) I decided to enjoy the early start and try to capture the beautiful sunrise. Hope you like them. This has a slightly tilted horizon but I like the mood. Autumn sunrise by Roger Wade, on Flickr The flare here...
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    Costa Brava Autumn

    I particularly like these two. Nice composition and friendly light IMO. Hope you like them. Rolleiflex 2.8f HP5 Roger img072-1 by Roger Wade, on Flickr Palafruegell by Roger Wade, on Flickr
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    Ice cream and feeding pigeons

    Hi all, I have long been interested in street photography and attempting to catch "that" moment. I particularly like the following pic. It says a lot to me, something I try to make happen in my photos. This little girl had just polished off a chocolate ice-cream, run back to her parents and...