35mm 1.8 s

  1. nerwin

    My grandmother turned 80.

    I haven't touched my camera in weeks, I just haven't been inspired or motivated to take any pictures but since my grandmother turned 80 years old this past weekend, I decided to brush off my camera and try to document this excellent milestone. She may be 80 years old, but still goofy as ever or...
  2. nerwin

    Young Couple of Fiddleheads...

    It's that time of the year here in Vermont. Decided to use my hardly used 35mm 1.8 lens lol. Nikon Z6II + 35mm 1.8 S Young Couple of Fiddleheads by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  3. nerwin

    Just for fun - 50mm 1.8 S vs 35mm 1.8 S

    I was doing some lens testing betweens these too, nothing crazy but I was surprised how little difference there was. I'm a big fan of focusing up close with just about any lens because I feel like that's where the biggest differences are. I'm also trying to decide between them as I really don't...