600mm f4

  1. M

    Picky Red Breasted Nuthatch

    I was trying to capture some inflight photos of these little birds but the are very rambunctious, all over the place. I took a break and tried some video again. As I was watching them, I noticed they are picking through every little bit of seed just to find that right one. Even though a majority...
  2. J

    OLD vs Less old....300mm f2.8 afs and 600mm f5.6 ai/ais

    Hello all, Has anyone used both the 300mm f2.8 afs and the 600mm f5.6 (or f4)?? Need your wisdom. I like to shoot wildlife and birding and realized that my 70-300vr isnt cutting it as far as sharpness goes. Its actually great at 300mm, but a review of flickr's pics rendered from 300mm f2.8 is...