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    Help with TLR camera, Ricohflex

    This has happened on 2 rolls idk what to do , i cleaned it and maybe i put a mirror backwards? i'm at a loss here Idk what to do do you have any tips?
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    Rolleiflex 6002 "Property of Rollei"?

    Hey there. Just found a Rolleiflex 6002 on craigslist that was originally picked up at an estate sale from a deceased photographer. On the front of the camera, under the lens, it says "Service Equipment" and then under that "Property of Rollei". I have never seen anything like this on one of...
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    Mamiya 6 with 75mm

    How many users are out there have noticed with their 75mm lens that it is not as "buttery smooth" as other lenses of this caliber? I'm considering buying this camera off of a person who says the camera is in excellent shape - but his only "small" fault is the lens is not as "buttery smooth" as...