1. Keelan Philip

    Looking to purchase my first RF lens.

    Hey y'all, I am looking to get my first RF glass and I am either going to sell my EF50 1.2L and my 100mm F.28 L to fund an 85mm 1.2 RF or I can just sell the EF 50 and buy the 50 RF. If I go with the 85 RF I will only have my 35 1.4 L left over, and if I go with the 50mm RF I will have both the...
  2. Flavio

    Viltrox 85mm 1.8 - Should I buy it?

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking about buying a longer focal length lens (I have the 23mm, 35mm, 18-50mm) to see if I'll like it or not, but I'm not sure if I will regreat it... My main "photo targets" are my kids (1 and 4 year old), my family, street photography, landscapes, all of these has a...
  3. A

    Budget portrait lens for Full Frame

    (Not must to read)Photography is my hobby and I can't spend much money on it. Everything I have now I got for free, but I feel that I need autofocus prime lens for portraits. I have 5D(first), EF 28-135 IS USM, Plannar 50 1.4(not new one, old, for c/y mount, but i have focus confirm)Sonnar 135...
  4. P

    ZEISS Planar 85mm 1,4 ZF-IR Infrared?

    A question for the ZEISS users. I have a very good condition ZEISS Planar 85mm 1,4 ZF-IR (for nikon) lens that I recently acquired. This lens was discontinued and I cannot find it anywhere online! Does anyone know the value of it? Looking for help, thanks a lot! Jake
  5. coleclough27

    85mm Lenses for Olympus

    Hey guys, I'm looking for any advice on what 85mm lens is best for my Olympus OM-10. From my research I can only see that there are adapters for Olympus lenses on other bodies. What other lenses can people recommend other than the Zuiko 85mm f2? (As I find these hard to come by). Are there...
  6. C

    Deciding between 85mm lenses.. help!

    I went in to my local camera store to purchase the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF-S. I have been renting this lens for a while and I am so impressed by it's quality, sharpness and consistency that I was pretty dead set on it despite the hefty price tag. However, it was suggested that I consider investing...
  7. A

    For Sale: Canon 6d, 200mm 2.8ii, 85mm 1.8, 60mm Macro

    Selling my Canon Gear as I am switching to the mirror less system. Shipping internationally from Ireland. PayPal only. Global shipping included in price. Prices are firm. Canon 6d - in overall excellent condition. There is a mark on the LCD screen that you can see in the photo. When the...
  8. taylr365

    (Canon) 85mm VS 35mm for street photography

    I'm torn between the two and I can't decide which one I should get next. I've been using the 50mm for now but I'm looking to get better quality and a sharper result. I live in New York so I also want to capture some of the background as well so I don't want to completely blur out my background...
  9. C

    85mm 1.8 or 135mm 2.0? (Please help)

    Hey! So I was wondering how significant the difference in DOF/bokeh there is between the 85 1.8 and 135 2.0. I could get the 135, but if the bokeh is similar to the 85 1.8 then I don't think I'll be spending that extra $. It's a $600 price difference so... Keep in mind that now I only have the...
  10. P

    FS - ASAHI PENTAX Super Takumar 85mm F1.9 MF Lens

    For Sale - ASAHI PENTAX Super Takumar 85mm F1.9 MF Lens I have recently come into ownership of a ASAHI PENTAX Super Takumar 85mm F1.9 MF Lens. Whilst photography is within my expertise, older photography gear is slightly outside my scope of knowledge. This lens appears to be in good condition...
  11. S

    service Manual for Samyang 85mm 1.4 cine

    Hi all, I have a sony a7 with a Samynag 85mm 1.4 cine version. I was wondering whether someone could help me with this question regarding the lense disassembling. Indeed I tried to disassemble this lense and got stuck in the process where I have to split the lense in 2 parts... If someone has...