1. G

    First bird photo

    More or less my first bird picture. Almost first actual attempt at a picture in general. and In my defense, it is the worlds smallest bird lol. With a 300mm. And im not entirely too sure how too crop…. It may have been my distance for the picture but if I get in really close on the zoom. It...
  2. M

    Walking Down San Antonio Downtown.

    While walking down town San Antonio I noticed a fence full of locks, it seemed pretty awesome. This was taken with Sony A6000 at 50MM with a 18-105mm lens
  3. M

    Corrupted Card? Can not read all files. Help Please!

    This is the second time this has happened to me and I am in a panic! I am not sure if the culprit is my new Sony A6000 or a bad SD Card. I had mini sessions this morning and after my second family I saw that I could not playback the most recent images in camera. Since this happened once...
  4. V

    desktop tripod for macro photography

    Hi all. I have an a6000 and I recently got their 30mm macro lens and I want to do some flower photography with it. The problem is that my hands shake so I need a tripod that I can put on my dining room table and will let me get very close to the table. I saw some of the ball joint looking...
  5. C


    Hi everyone, Which is better for a beginner?
  6. A

    Sony Alpha a6000 worth it to buy now?

    Hi, I'm an amateur photographer and was looking into mirrorless cameras. The reviews and price were great for the sony a6000, so I bought an open box on best buy today. I'm not sure if I made the best decision... - is $600 total worth it for an open-box best buy a6000? - are there are other...
  7. B

    Sony A6000 Update Petition

    Hi Folks If you own a Sony A6000 please sign and share this Petition with some Update Ideas for the Sony A6000. It only takes a few Seconds but it can improve the A6000 a lot! Separate the Self-Timer from the Drive-Mode Menu, to shoot Bursts on a Tripod without shaking. The Ability to Save all...
  8. Havok

    I want opinions!

    Hello TPF! So I've posted a thread here maybe a couple weeks ago about choosing what to buy, and I still haven't decided I was picking between Canon and Nikon, but I was majorily in favor of Canon. Anyways, I've decided to go with a mirror less sony camera, the sony A6000 to be exact, I love...
  9. PhotoUp

    Canon 70D vs. Sony a6000

    Hello. I am deciding between 2 cameras, the canon 70d and the sony a6000. I can get them for around the same price along with about 200mm lenses. I plan on using which ever one I get as my everyday and any type of photography camera along with a good amount action photography. I will also be...
  10. D

    Really need help, buying a new camera

    Hello! I am getting more into photography, and I am thinking about buying a new camera. I sold my old camera and lenses, and I am completly ok with trying a new system. My budget is around 1200 euros. I'll be mostly doing landscapes, some plane spotting, Wildlife and a little bit of all the...
  11. TwoPerfect

    Hello from the other side

    ...the other side being Vancouver, Canada. Any Canadians here? I've been interested in photography since high school and HDR photography since I heard about it in University, but didn't have the time nor money to get into it. Last Christmast, I bought myself a Sony a6000, Adobe CC, and...
  12. jamiebonline

    Minolta Lenses on Sony Mirrorless

    Hi all, I recently picked up a few vintage Minolta MD lenses and an adapter. A Kiwi adapter minolta md/mc to nex. The point is that the images I am getting are really not very sharp. Even though I have some of the best Rokkor lenses ever made. I suppose these old lenses can't compete to well...