1. nikongeek1

    Sony A7RII Very Good Condition, USA Model. 12K Low Shutter count

    i'm little new here. you can find me as nikongeek1 (110 trasactions - 100% positive feedback) on eBay and as lp.vasam (14 +ve feedbacks) on fredmiranda Selling my Sony A7RII which is in very Good Condition. Normal Wear on the Bottom, Top (tripod mounting rub off's ). See Pics. Very Low shutter...
  2. J

    Lightroom Lens profile corrections for A7r ii with Metabones adapter + Canon Lenses?

    Hey everyone! How would I go about setting profile correction for my A7rii Photos when using Canon lenses? I'm not concerned about chromatic aberrations really, I mainly just want the distortion to be corrected as I shoot a lot of architectural. According to the metabones website profile...