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  1. D

    Tokyo Kogaku RE Auto TOPCOR 58mm F/1.4 – the best high-speed normal lenses of its era?

    Greeting fellow forum members, Some three months in the making, I am delighted to present my review of the Tokyo Kogaku RE. Auto-TOPCOR 58mm F/1.4. Proclaimed by Topcon and Topcor enthusiasts to be among (to be) the greatest fast standard prime lens of its time! It is a claim which is...
  2. NGH

    help finding an adapter for M 4/3

    Not sure anyone can help but I am looking for an adapter to Micro Four Thirds camera. I need a M44 thread mount as per older Miranda lenses to MFT. This is to make an adapter or another lens and will be the final stage so looking for something with minimal depth. I found this but concerned...
  3. P

    Vintage glass and adapter

    I just ordered an old Nikon Nikkor and now I have some questions about adapters for my fuji. 1. When I get an adapter with an aperture ring. Can I still change the aperture directly on the vintage lens? 2. I also have a Tamron tele-lens for my older Nikon. It does not have an aperture ring and...
  4. M

    Doubts about Leitax Mod (C/y to F mount), and using F mount lens on Alpha Cameras?

    Cameras I intend to buy 1. Either A7R III or A7S III (A7SIII if it improves rolling shutter performance and has 4k60Fps, else A7RIII) 2. Minolta Maxxum 9 (I just want to explore film, and this is the only camera that caught my attention other than Mamiya 7). Lens I intend to buy. Nikon F mount...