1. S

    Nikon and vintage lenses

    Hi all I recently picked up a used Nikon D300 (which is now my favourite thing in the world!) along with a functional AF 70-300m lens. So far, although I’ve a lot to learn, I’ve taken some reasonable shots as I get to learn how this camera works. One of the reasons I decided to dive into...
  2. D

    Share some knowledge on mounts please?

    Can someone please explain the different types of mounts to me? There's the Bowens mount, the Elinchrom, some kind of mount that has four screw holes in it...I'm confused. I can set flash ratios, calculate light fall off, and create some really dope exposures with reflectors, but I can't seem...
  3. K

    Sony a9

    I just transitioned from Canon to Sony, and I bought myself a Sony a9, however, I do not have any Sony glasses period. What I would like to know is. 1. Can I use an adapter like MC-11 or Meta-bones on a brand new body(just a day old) ? Are there any chances of messing up the sensor or anything...
  4. Benjgf

    FotodioX Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Sony A Lens to Canon EF Mount Camera

    Anyone have any familiarity with this? I have some old minolta lenses that I've been using with a sony a100, but I'd rather use them on my canon xsi. Is it worth it or are these adapters just useless? Never used one before. FotodioX Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Sony A Lens to SNY-EOS-G-DC
  5. S

    Need your advice on m42 to eos adapters

    hi guys. I'm looking to buy an adapter for my canon Rebel t3i. I have two lenses Pentax super takumar 50mm 1.4f and mamiya sekor auto 200mm 3.5f which I would like to use with my camera. I found two fotodiox m42 to eos adapters - V.1 and V.2. Could you please explain me what the difference...