advice for beginners

  1. M

    What high quality compact camera suggested?

    Hi, i have been taking pictures over 25 years as traveling around the world. I have done a photography course, though I admit I do not know much about photography in the technical sense. However my photographs are beautifully composed and people like them and me too. I owned a professional...
  2. P

    Fuji x-t20 or Olympus om-d e-m5 mark II

    Hello everyone, as in the topic - I am about to buy a photo camera and considering these two. The lens for the Olympus is 14/42, pretty dark one, and for Fuji I was proposed 18-55 f. 2,8-4. Could anyone give me any constructive feedback? To add, I am intested in the street photography and...
  3. RecepEfe

    Advice for Interval Time Shooting Camera

    Hi, Next year, I'm gonna visit lots of different libraries and archieves to collect books and documents for my Phd thesis. But as you guess, photocopy and buying these will be very expensive for me. Because of this, I want to take photos of the books and documents to digitalize them. As I...