ae-1 program

  1. S

    Cannon AE-1 Lens Comparison Question

    Question: I have been shooting a Cannon AE-1 program with a Cannon FD 1/1.8 since that was the lens it came with. After having a roll developed, I am looking to expand into having another lens to accompany the camera. I am thinking of buying a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 Lens as my next lens. I...
  2. aeparks

    Canon Ae-1 Program

    I was going to purchase an AE-1 Program camera tomorrow from someone and when I was looking at the photo I realized that the piece on the front that says "canon" is black. To my knowledge, I thought AE-1 programs were either all black or all silver, does anyone have any ideas about this? Was the...