aerial photography

  1. KAP Jasa

    An article on kite aerial photography

    There is an article on Medium I'd like to share with you: "A View from a kite". It's about the hows and whys about kite aerial photography; how it compares with drones and other aerial photography platforms, some experience, info and tips. Hope you find it interesting ... ;-)
  2. W

    Aerial Photography?

    anybody doing this or just recently started and if so hows the market is it competitive? Hard to get into or do you receive a lot of requests for this? Should it be something I should focus more on?
  3. footballfan993

    Thinking of getting a drone, but not sure yet...

    As many of you know, drones are going to be a big seller this holiday season!!! I have seen some video, and pictures shot from a drone, and they look amazing! Because of the amazing capabilities of aerial photography, I am interested in purchasing a drone. I'm really only interested in 2...