Aerial Bermuda

    From my last trip home, pre-COVID Gibb's Hill Lighthouse Aerial Bermuda 2019 by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Somerset Bridge: World's smallest drawbridge. Aerial Bermuda 2019 by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Southampton Princess Aerial Bermuda 2019 by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Flatt's Village, with...
  2. Oliver232

    Drone hyperlapse at night

    I took a new drone hyperlapse video. I was shooting RAW images with an interval of 2 sec.
  3. Destin

    Chimney Bluffs - Drone Photos

    I've been trying to photograph this state park for years now, and I've never had any luck with it. It's extremely difficult to find a composition with a traditional camera because the beach is so small that you can't get far enough from the bluffs. I've always known that a drone was the answer...
  4. KAP Jasa

    Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Hi everyone! We are two kite aerial photography enthusiasts from Ljubljana, taking photos from the air in a most natural, organic and gluten-free way: with a kite. We are currently using four different single line kites (each suitable for different wind conditions) for lifting two cameras, a...
  5. Destin

    Destin's Drone Photos

    Hey all, I'm getting more and more into drone photography these days and I'm creating a few photos per week with it now. I figured now was as good a time as any to start a thread for sharing my drone photos rather than making a new thread all the time. To start it off, here are two I took...
  6. K

    Found Possible Undeveloped Film / Type K-25 Aircraft Camera

    Hello, I'm a new member here and thought this would be the right place to post this. Today at an antique store I came across this Aircraft camera in a military section of the store and discovered there were two rolls of film possibly a third still inside the camera and was wanting to know the...
  7. TheDroneLife

    Hello, I'm a newbie

    Hey just wanted to say hi and say you all have a nice clean site here. Hope to use this to learn new tricks and tips also any feedback on my own photography would be appreciated. You can see it here @ Thanks!
  8. H

    Aerial (drone) videos from Mykonos, Greece !

    Dear friends, Here are some videos from my recent visit to the iconic island of Mykonos, Greece. All of them were recorded with my Phantom 3 Professional. Hope you like them. Your feedback will be much appreciated ! :)
  9. Shael

    Up in the Air

    Taking my first international trip, was lucky to stop over in Germany for a transfer. The clouds never look the same way twice.
  10. footballfan993

    Thinking of getting a drone, but not sure yet...

    As many of you know, drones are going to be a big seller this holiday season!!! I have seen some video, and pictures shot from a drone, and they look amazing! Because of the amazing capabilities of aerial photography, I am interested in purchasing a drone. I'm really only interested in 2...